An insert slot for the Hitpoint detection

Hi there!

In the past month, i was mixing a HipHop album for a client, and the producer provided me with stems from his beats. Often, he only gave me full drumloops he creadted. Since he swiched from system (mpc) to system (mac with studio one) he rendered everything in one file, and erased the beat form the mpc because he needed space. Sometimes, there was no way to leave it that way, because singel hits where way to low. I’ve tried my best with the Multiband Envelope Shaper, stereotools and compresspors, but in minor cases i was forced to layer a second drumsample. Since he never uses quantize (i love him for that :smiley: ) it was hard for me to layer the drumsamples in the right position by mouse. But i got Hitpoint detection and Hitpoints to MIDI, yeah! The thing is, it is not ‘frequency sensitive’ so i had to filter the file for the ‘hits’ i wanted midinotes from, render it in place, make Hitpoints from that and Hitpoints to Midi.

I would really like to see the possibility to filter the soundfile before Hitpoint detection directly in the sample window! That would really increase my workflow! :sunglasses:

Cheers, Tomess

+1. Just a simple insert slot for the detector algo would be great - you could insert filters, radical EQ, dynamics or whatever you wished to detect trigger points.

This is actually a better idea! This could be more vertisal to different situations! Like using a transient tool to get better detection peformance! I’ve changed the toppic to this!