An interesting question from a beginner

One of the main features missing from SE, Elements is Engrave, which you could simply ignore if you are in the Pro version, until you find you need it. Dorico handles many layout things very well without needing to go there. SE has limitations on the number of players, but you can work in the Pro version with just a few (obviously).
For reference, comparison of SE, Elements, Pro (and iPad):

Have you seen this:

You will see the “First Steps” which will guide you through a tutorial very simply. By doing tutorials you learn without being overcome with any complications or distractions or complexities … and see the results it produces with just those directions.
Also there is a “Resources” link which will be another place to start if you have already done First Steps.
This way you learn with small steps and get a sense of how Dorico works and its terminology.

Best wishes, and if you want to do something but cannot find out how, ask here :slight_smile: