An interesting way to listen to your music library

My streaming service let’s me view my library content by Artist, Album and Song Title. I always though it weird that it defaulted to Song Title because most of the time it seems easier to find a song on the Artist’s page rather than in the middle of a nearly infinite song list.

A few months ago I decided to create a playlist based on this alpha sorted list of Song Titles. It ends up being a great way to mix everything up - you get songs next to each other only because their titles are in alpha order. But some stylistic clumping also occurs - like when you get to the “Adagio…” section. Or you’ll get 3 live versions of a song done at different points in an Artist’s career - which can be very informative comparing arrangements etc.

It’s been an interesting way to get unexpected juxtapositions. Been listening 2-4 hours a night for several months and am currently mid “The…”