An issue with instrument names

What happens is that if you use instrument names in a different language than the program, when you are adding the instrument, it is named in the language of the program instead of the language you have set to instrument names. It makes harder the search. I think this didn’t happen in Dorico 3.

I have DORICO in English and INSTRUMENT NAMES in Italian. I would like to add a piccolo flute, which in Italian is “Ottavino”. I have to search piccolo flute instead of ottavino.

This may be how the program is supposed to work, but for me it feels strange, as I need to know the instrument in two languages. Wouldn’t be better to have both names in the search or something similar?

I use Dorico in English for the tutorials and tips, but English is not my native language.


Did you restart Dorico after changing the instrument name language? If not, does that help?

(Edit: as suspected I was talking nonsense, ignore me & listen to Daniel)

In the instrument picker, Dorico uses the language of the application’s user interface. In the score, Dorico uses the language chosen on the Language page of Engraving Options. This is indeed a change in Dorico 4 from Dorico 3.5, and hopefully a good one.


I though so. In my case, it’s strange but I understand it’s because I wanted to have the program in English and not in Spanish. In any case, it’s nice to know it, I will try to get used to it as soon as possible. Thank you!