An Old i7 9700k Cpu swap out for a i9 9900k?

A little update here :

A complete new win 10 install with the i9 has wielded great results , admittedly it was a pain but worth it ? Ohhhh yes

I purchased a Be Quiet Silent loop 2 x 240mm and a Be Quiet Wings 4 for the exhaust and these two are amazing , you can hardly tell the Pc is running ,even under load , really great quality



72 degree’s the Spectralayers Deverb preview , the most intense render of audio i can think of with just the Cpu enabled , not Gpu acel
It’s hardly broken a sweat .

Latency is very good and this is with the Nvdia RTx 3060 set on normal power which normally spikes more but still very useable

@Y-D , was it worth it ? for me personally yes but for anyone not willing to go down the full road for swapping out then probably not , depends on how keen you are .

Im vey happy with this system now , no updating until Steinberg makes another NON Supported claim lol

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