An open plea to Steinberg

+1. Just make it work.

Fix bugs, polish GUI, optimize workflow.

So, what were the issues? I’ve been using Cubase Pro 8 for 6 months, and have yet to run into a major bug. The prog froze on me once when I renamed the folder that I was saving my projects in. Not trying to be a jerk, just seriously curious why everyone is so up in arms.


if it weren’t for the MIDI possibilities dept in Cubase i also would have changed to something else … In fact intend to try out Sonar soon, to see what that has to offer … - F

There’s a lot listed in this very thread. The biggest ones for me are:

VE Pro / ASIOguard (ongoing problems)
Disabled / re-enabled tracks still has issues (eg Quick Controls not remembered after a disabled save; disabled multi outs coming up with extraneous nags on launching a project)
Record Arming VCAs still always grouped
Windows management in W7 still unreliable

I don’t have core stability issues that some others seem to. But another huge part of it for me is the piroritising of new features and enhancements. It’s easy to brush off as “everyone wants something different”, but there are some really solid core functionality issues (most of which are relatively small, not big ticket “have an arranger like Ableton” type noise) that have been long long requested that go on for years unaddressed while other far more spurious new features get added. We had around 20 or so good solid little improvements in 8.5, all of which hugely welcome. Trouble is - we need about 1020. I think the overall thrust is (with seemingly few arguing against it here) - lots more practical long-asked-for smaller improvements, less stuff like VST Cloud which are developer resource intensive and will be hugely under-used by users. Once a lot more of those have been addressed, then I think many of us would be less grouchy about stuff like Cloud.

Incidentally, I’ve updated a lot of my bug and issuses threads to reflect that after a year they have not been addressed. I don’'t think a single post has been moderator approved. This is another problem - I think many of us simply feel ignored, and in frustration we end up creating threads like this.

There has to be a better system than this - Steinberg, we’re all ears. Over to you.

Yep… the silence from Steinberg is almost deafening! :cry: :cry:

But yeah there have been quite a few ‘small’ if not VERY welcome additions/improvements in 8.5

If steinberg would reply the replies will be overwhelming I guess :open_mouth:


I am willing to pay an extra $50 for a Cubase x.75 version that is no new features and just bug fixes. Okay $100. Okay $150. No, $100.

:sunglasses: Lydiot

Thank you for the long reply above and I noted the contents !

I think the potential depends on that “much higher price” to rid a DAW from this vicious cycle. Today that high price may be unrealistic. They know their market. But at some point I think someone will come along with this concept.

I wasn’t thinking of bare bones. I was thinking of a DAW built from the ground up that focuses on core functions. For example the sample editor, the list editor, the drum editor, the logical editor, key editor, with support functions such as history window, comping window, etc. But NOT functions that 3rd parties often do better such as autotune, all the presently included instrument and effect VST’s, LoopMash, upgrades such as EQ’s, or Magneto. Plus not what I think should be options such as Halion, Groove Agent etc. And make it so better integration with major3rd parties such as UAD or Waves is encouraging. Give the pro user the options of configuring the DAW from ground up with 3rd parties instead of a huge take-it-or-leave it bundle. DId I just eliminate 90% of users hopefully leaving 10% who desire core functions?

I know “core functions and better workflow” is subjective. And I admit how they were able to eventually integrate Vari-audio with chord tracks is very cool. But with 10% paying a “much higher price” you can allocate your resources to DAW core functions instead of releasing new eye-candy or wiz-bang features. I bet you could fix bugs, even create non-eye-candy new features such as mix undo well before the competition. Until C8.5 look how long Steinberg had ignored the drum editor. A way to delete drum tracks, move them around, and manipulate length should have been achieved back in the SX era! The same can be said about the sample editor. These core functions are ignored because resources have to be used to appeal to hobbyists.

I hear what you’re saying. But VST 3 is a good standard, and all Steinberg would have to do is focus on core features. I really don’t think there’s a need to code the app “from the ground up”, just fix what’s not working and stop messing around with the candy.

If they could somehow do this to C8.5 an application that has been piece-mealed since the SX era, manifesting many inconsistencies, vs. a fresh start…especially when addressing windows issues then I agree 100%!

But IMO that will never happen when you are dependent on hobbyists and new users who drive this DAW market and create this endless cycle . Don’t upgrade would work, but is that realistic?


You should not have said that. I’m that lousy hobbyist and SB works right for me! Let me tell you what The Real hobbyists do - the best of them use Cubase Artist or Elements, but the vast majority of them don’t pay for the soft and they don’t need all those Steinberg’s new synths, Loopmashes etc. because they can have the same stuff for free. So, those of us, who don’t earn money with Cubase PRO are not hobbyists we are helpers. We spend our money for every new version of Cubase trying to help SB to survive and build the best DAW on the market. We don’t say "if SB not do… I will jump ship, because I have deadline and I can’t wait, OMG the deadline is getting close… " we have no deadlines, we can wait and all minor bugs are not crucial for us, so we’ll buy the next upgrade too. And yes, we ask for new features, for better workflow and for a sampler, but not for Loopmash or VST Cloud.
But what do You do, such a cool professional? You joined this Forum 16.12.2010, 5 years ago, you’ve wrote 585 posts and only 19 of them in the Feature Requests and Suggestions section, 19! The last one in February 2014. So, how SB should read your mind? Look, topic “PLEASE eliminate hovering in the mixer!” reached 125 replies and here we are - we got it changed. I know that you’re professional and you’ve got your deadline and you have no time for all this mess… So whom to blame? 125!!! On Facebook 24,541 people like Steinberg Cubase. Here, at this Forum 125 replies change the game! Replies, not people, because many posts were written by the same users.

May be a bit emotional, sorry for that. No offense.

All the best.

Well said winter rat!

So what’s the difference between us ‘lowly’ ‘hobbyists or semi-pro’ CUSTOMERS ? We coughed up the same amount of our hard earned CASH as your esteemed ‘we are so honoured to be in your presence’ professional’ self!!!

Personally I couldn’t give a flying fig about loopmash etc , I too have a fair few hardware synths, some VERY nice bass guitars which happen to be a damned sight nicer than one or two ‘pros’ that spring to mind too! I could also add that I can also play them a damned site better than myriad ‘pro’ players… I would imagine you are stacked out with the likes of esreranza spalding, earth wind and fire, the remaining Beatles,Eric Clapton etc with your omniscience and vastly superior interpersonal skills!

I bow down to your ‘superiority’ as you are clearly vastly more important and deserving than us scumbag amateurs, we are clearly not worthy of your presence and bow down to your multiple Grammy/bpi etc award winning expertise :laughing:
We are all so grateful to you for taking so much of your clearly precious time to grace us with your deific presence as we can clearly see just how important to the world of recording you are :unamused:

No offence like mate!!!

How insulting!


I upgraded from 7.5 to 8 just to realize I have mayor GUI graphic problem that stutters audio and effects VST performance.
Steinberg responded and they recognized it as official bug, but no news since then.
So far there is no fix for 8 version, neither 8.5 resolved the issue(s).

I’ve been Cubase user from 90’ but this post is dead on.
Workflow solutions had advanced and are smoothly implemented in other competing DAW’S and Cubase just stays behind
Biggest problem, there are numerous bugs accumulated from version to version!

Steinberg is purchased by Yamaha so there is transitional lag, but one would expect improvement (like Asio guard) and not
some quickly wrapped features that just clutters final user experience.

I’ve talk to numerous studio owners that are still keeping their 5.1 version installed and in use as most stable and native

Give me back hope again, I beg you! :slight_smile:

Agree with the OP. I had to bail after version 8 came out.

If SB got the window management thing fixed I’d be tempted again but as it is V8 is not really functional for me unless I want to change the way I work in every other tool I may be using.

greggybud I so often agree with you. However, I am not sure that you are pointing in the right direction here.
I am what you so quaintly call a “hobbyist”. However, I do music full time. I too want the core functions to work properly. I am not interested in the inferior stuf bundled with Cubase - yes I mean toys like loopmash. I use UAD and have a raft of eq’s and compressors etc. etc. Retrologue 2 is of little interest to me - not when I have many more interesting alternatives.

Given by your estimation that 10% of users are so called professionals, (which is what I guess you are referring to), it is clear where SB’s money is coming from and it isn’t the pro end of the market. I agree with nearly everything you have previously said. I just find it sticks in my craw when you go on about hobbyists. I guess many people think that pro users know more about how to use Cubase. Well how many of those claiming to be professionals have upgraded and then complained that their livelihood has been ruined by the new version, or they are unable to meet a deadline. I have found that some studio owners often don’t have a deeper knowledge of the software they use. Sure they are good at the use of spaces and micing up gear. Most of the work they do does not involve the subtleties of their chosen software. These are people who dare not upgrade for fear that they get lost in the effort to get everything working again. Also, anyone thinking that pros have the Godlike ability to produce the perfect mix or master is often doomed to disappointment. This of course does not mean that there aren’t many out there who do produce the goods and of course true artists at the top end of the market.

Lets face it there are users who know what they are doing and users that don’t. Users that create interesting music and those that don’t. Everyone has a different way of working and the job of the software is to facilitate that. So please lets not have this musical apartheid. We are mostly all on the same team. I am sure that I have got a lot to learn from users like you and I bow to the knowledge that you obviously have. I do however take my music and my interaction with Cubase just as seriously.

Actually I would quite like a “core” version of Cubase - Cubase Premium - without all the filler and stuff that I have never used. I think the only SB vst I use with any regularity is Quadrafuzz.