An open plea to Steinberg

That is an good idea, make it an yearly poll and get some real data to work with.

Thank you for very good news! 3500:50=70, so SB will implement 70 new features every year!! (at least 60). :wink:

There should be an ongoing poll with feature requests. OK, maybe not all 3500, but at least a list of say 200 realistic and popular requests could be there for users to vote on. Requests that rank highest get higher priority.

And regarding what Guillermo said, that, “… please have in mind that the forums are moderated by Steinberg employees on their spare time, and we do not have much…” - this realy shouldn’t be so. Actually, to contact customers, should be everyones FIRST priority after they enter office every day. Or somebody should be employed just for this task, to go on forums and reply. It is really bad practice that you do this at you free time. Even worse if you are expected to do it in free time, without being paid for it. Bad management.

Well there are thankfully guys like Martin.Jirsak, Grim, and many others that take the role of site moderators/helping others. Much thanks to them and others that keep the forum worth watching. Props to you all!

I would say it would be nice if there was more often interjection from Steinberg though (thanks Guillermo for spending time recently {much respect}) . Maybe pay a guy just to do that? At least give the dood something nice like a plush toy with a Cubase logo on it. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised. They really do not want that their employees spent time with users like you and me, unless it’s in their spare time?

So this is how corporations work. I’ll guess the management uses the argument that moderating the forum is not productive enough and users are just sheeps bloating in the meadow.

Steinberg in my book is no longer that innovative company it used to be. Gone are the days where developers were business man too. It’s marketing driven and people in suits dictates the company strategy, not always for the benefit of the average user. I’m getting sick of the mails I get when there’s a new vst synth or sound library or some other useless program. Of course I can unsubscribe to these mails, but I want to see in what direction Steinberg goes.

I’m already holding back on upgrades (still on 7.5 and skipping version 8 for now). If version 9 has features that I really don’t like, eg cloud etc, then I’m switching to Studio One.

I suggest that users be required to READ THE MANUAL and pass a basic test before being allowed to participate in the poll(s) recommended in this thread.

It’d also be nice if the hecklers who are obviously paid trolls for competing products were somehow weeded out. It’s obvious at times that a lot of the noise is by people who have no intention of ever actually learning and using Cubase, let alone offering anything useful and constructive to things like bug fix and development jiras and wikis.

Every day I see dozens of ‘feature requests’ for things that Cubase has been doing just fine by multiple methods and workflow possibilities since nineteen-ninety-weird. At times it’s as ridiculous as claiming my Trombone is a ‘waste of money’ because it doesn’t play a supersonic C-32 all by itself…and oh good lord, Edward should give me a yellow brass bell for free now that I’m doing more jazz, even though I ordered the rose bell at a time I was doing more classical! Nothing wrong with the rose bell, but Edward somehow screwed me and owes me the Yellow bell too!

You can show them step by step exactly how to do it, and even give them scripts and macros that’ll do it FOR THEM with a ‘single click or key-combo’, and even go so far as to give them a map so that punching ONE BUTTON on their MIDI keyboard will do it…and they just stick their fingers in their ears, spout off examples of how a dozen ‘other products’ does it (usually takes just as many steps or requires just as much time/brain power), and fuss for many hours on forums instead of giving it a try and getting back to making music.

Great idea indeed!

This is a great example of how Steinberg has no excuse for not interacting with their customers, unless they simply don’t give a [Watch your language] Even the users come up with ways to make future development more interactive. That speaks volumes. And, if it is the case that they don’t care, then that’s not the type of company I personally want to support. Ironically, the Dorico team is all about welcoming the involvement of potential customers with the development team. Yes, I get that they are selling a brand new notation software. But this kind of interaction with customers shouldn’t be abandoned just because now you have a steady following.

And Yes, I too appreciate Guillermo’s involvement in this thread. But, as a whole, Steinberg has been very silent and unresponsive to ACTUAL questions regarding bug fixing and the direction of the company. Look at Line 6, a publicly traded company with restrictions in what they can say about future development, and yet they interact WAY more with their customers (even in forums other than their own, AND they make use of IdeaScale–where anyone can submit a feature request and others vote for them–to gauge future development) than any other company I know of in the music industry. Every MI company should follow their example. Companies don’t make money without customers, last I checked.

Actually Line 6 and Steinberg are both owned by Yamaha.

Which is EXACTLY why I bring them up here. Both Line 6 and the Dorico team are more responsive to user needs than the Steinberg team. It is ironic that all of them are part of the Yamaha Corporation. That said, Line 6 has stated many times that Yamaha doesn’t interfere with them as much as you’d think. They are pretty much as autonomous as they were before Yamaha acquired Line 6 (which is actually pretty cool of Yamaha–they just let Line 6 do what they do best). Steinberg, on the other hand… :confused:

Yes! We finally made it to the Steinberg Lounge!

Users - “Sternberg, don’t you think you should be interacting with users more in the forum and not just relying on Guillermo’s goodwill in his spare time?”

Sternberg - silently moves thread to The Lounge

I’m pretty sure there was a whooshing sound.

Great job Steinberg!!!

Cubase 9 must be REALLY something for this level of co**iness to be tolerable. Geez… :open_mouth:

Hello all,

Not me! By free time I mean: if they E.g. If a rep has finished all his support tickets or support emails, which is almost never the case, or a programer wants to take a small brake from coding, basically that is how it works. The Line 6 idea forum is a good idea and as they are also a Yamaha subsidiary I am pretty sure we can ask them directly and they will be happy to collaborate with us.

Best regards,

Thank you Guillermo!

I hope that Steinberg at least listens to you and that they are able to make use of IdeaScale. It would be a great way to further development of Cubase/Nuendo, and the rest of their product line if they so desire.

(I’m trying to stay optimistic here, even though we keep constantly getting brushed off–I must be a masochist :confused: )

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Jose, I don’t think Steinberg wants to develop Cubase quickly. They just want to develop it enough for most customers to keep paying. You can see how little was done regarding bug fixes since 8.5 came out. Instead of fixing bugs asap, they will rather push them over to the next version, and force people to buy again.

Guillermo himself said they have 3000 feature requests, enough for next 50 years… They may have 3000 requests, but do the really have 3000 that people would be willing to pay for? I doubt that. Maybe they have some 50 good features, that they can sell well. And they will try to extend releasing those features as much as they can. Although they could implement them all in the next release, they will not do that, and rather release them one by one over the next 20 years.

They must walk on edge, release just enough for people to buy, but not release too much, so that they don’t run out of good features too quickly. One release will look like it offers enough for the money, and the next one will look like it is not worthed. Lets see which one C9 will turn to be.

No upgrade money from me for version 9 until they fix poor graphics on Mac in version 8.5.
I’ll continue using Logic X and they’ve lost a long time customer.

I understand that a business has to make money. But, at the same time, the shouldn’t take advantage of their customer’s good will in upgrading regularly to support one or more of their platforms. When I upgrade to a new version of a software, I do it mainly for a couple of reasons:

1- Obviously because there is a feature, or features, that I’m interested in. But also;
2- Because I believe in the company’s direction.

What I expect, and I’m sure most people here agree with me on this, is for Steinberg to release a new version (with the cool new features), AND then follow that main version with bug fixes ONLY. They sort of do this now, BUT then they come out with a Cubase X.5 version with yet more new features and more bugs to fix. Apparently, a one year cycle is not enough to fix anywhere near the amount of bugs that were introduced in the new version, much less the old ones. So this is where the problem arises. How can Steinberg fix the most bugs and also make money in the process?

Perhaps one way to achieve this would be to not release as many features in the X.5 release, and focus more on bug fixing. Or maybe they can go back to the longer development cycle they had before, and charge a little more, to extend the amount of time they need to tackle bug fixing. I AM willing to pay more, provided it is not an astronomical amount, AND that the Cubase/Nuendo team delivers on making sure that the features found in Cubase/Nuendo work as advertised. I feel like this shouldn’t even be a subject of conversation. When you buy a product, you expect it to work as advertised. Right?

I feel like Steinberg doesn’t really care, but I’m hoping to be proven wrong. Cubase 9 will be the deciding factor for me.

Jose - maybe a paradigm that might work is to focus a .0 release on features large and small (e.g. disabled tracks), while a .5 release bundles new plugins (e.g. quadrafuzz). That would give the core team more time to develop and bug fix.

Probably not, just an idle thought.