An option to add part name to the "render selection" dialog

I’d love to see an option added to the “render selection” dialog:
[v] Use part/event name as file name
or something to that effect.

Sometimes I chop up longer brainstorming recordings and throw away the transporters and silence and I’m left with something hopefully usable.
Others might be able to relate to brainstorming recordings if they insert their process of choice consisting of long recordings that needs to be chopped up into shorter to be useful.
It’s a little bit of a flow experience and when I’m in the flow I’d like to give the resulting snippets a description.
Coming back and sorting through a big pile of chopped up ideas is not the same thing and it’s just a chore more or less.
And yeah, you could argue that it’s possible to do that in one go but after chopping up, sorting, deleting and moving stuff around your brain is gone for the day haha!
The last thing you want to hear is those snippets all over again with another half hour to poke around with naming creatures the cesspool.
If I could put a name on a snippet the second I decide it will be allowed to survive the weeding process would be the right time for it.

So if I could name my snippets and just hit Render Selections I’d be very happy.


Now back to the chopping block …