An option to make alt+shift+click the default behaviour

Sometimes, I still forget to use alt+shift+click instead of click, resulting in unintended changes in my music. Would it be possible to add a setting to make alt+shift+click the default behaviour?

Here is a quiz, clarifying my point:

How many items are selected when clicking here?

Answer: 2 (one staff end, and one note on the instrument above). After selecting these items, I pressed shift+alt+right to make the staff longer, seeing only a few days later that I also removed some notes on the staff above by extending the note behind the signpost too.

How many items are selected when clicking here?

Answer: 2 (the forte, and the sempre cresc. on the system above). Normally you don’t even see that an (ungrouped) item on another system is selected too, because it may be out of view. So you literally never want this.

How many items are selected here?

Answer: 2 tuplets. (This was an easy one, you can even see both items in this case, if you really pay attention.)

The default behavior to do what?

Derrek: alt+shift+click selects only one item. (And selects another item behind it when clicking again, which is great functionality, by the way)

edit: ignore me.

pianoleo, no they’re not linked. Really. This happens a lot with unlinked dynamics.

Ugh. I meant “grouped”. They’re “grouped”.

They’re not grouped. :slight_smile:

By the way, grouping does nothing for selecting all items when clicking one. (It would be nice if it did.) The reason that the cresc is selected, is that the (invisible) end of the cresc is at the same position as the forte.

Please see this screenshot to see what I mean

Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 17.46.40.png

Got it. Sorry; I’m misremembering behaviour that I don’t depend on. As you were…