An Steinberg app for updates - one app - all updates

It would be great - and and on time - if Steinberg made an app to take care of all updates for all Steinberg software; apps, plug-ins, drivers, etc. - like these companies have done already:

Native Instruments
East West

In a good Steinberg spirit :slight_smile:

Thats what the Steinberg download assistant is for. Or did i get you wrong?

Steinberg Download Assistent is only for download - it does not “see” what is installed on your computer, or if all your software is up to date.

Well, so we would not need an extra app for that, but it would be nice to have that inside the assistant :slight_smile:

Yes, we need an app for taking care of all updates and new instillations.Take for example that you have a Steinberg Audio Interface, A Cubase app, WaveLab app, some Steinberg plug-ins etc. You launch the app and it checks what software you have installed by Steinberg on your computer. If the software is not up to date the app offers you to update all your Steinberg software. Easy, all done in one go. This is what the other software companies are offering. The name “Steinberg Download Assistant” does not really fit for this new app I am asking for. It could be “Steinberg Software Assistant”, but I leave it to Steinberg to name the app. :wink:

I bet Steinberg is working on this app already.

Here is a screen shot of Arturia Software Center.

This app does what I am suggesting.