"Anacrusi" nella finestra Hub !?!

mi piacerebbe che la sezione Anacrusi di: si trovasse già nella finestra Hub pressoché (è solo un’idea) nella posizione dell’allegato. Potrebbe piacere? Spero di sì.
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I would like the Anacrusi section of: to be located already in the Hub window almost (just an idea) in the location of the attachment. Could this be liked? I hope so.
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Thanks for the suggestion. We don’t have any current plans for this, but I wouldn’t absolutely rule it out for the future.

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Ok, grazie.

I also wondered about this the other day. It seems to me if we are going to be prompted to put a meter in (optional, I know) that this option would not only make sense, but almost be a “necessity”.

I would also appreciate a “user templates” sub category, or some such thing. I tried setting up a template and was surprised when I couldn’t find it in this dialogue.

sono perfettamente d’accordo con te. Speriamo in futuro.
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James, your user templates appear in whatever category you choose to put them in. You can put them in a “User” category if you want: it’s totally up to you.

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@dspreadbury Daniel, as always, you’re right. I must have tried a “save as” rather than the native “save as template” function, which (of course) prompted me where I wanted to put a new template. Sorry for the confusion.