Anacrusis ....

Hello, Disciples of Dorico!

So, when a piece starts before a downbeat, we say, that the piece starts with an anacrusis.

What do we call it, when a piece starts “after” the downbeat? Is there a special name for that?

Seven years of formal music study and decades of practice and I never ran into that word…


(“push up” vs. “push down”)

I’ve always gone with The P-Funk Method…


Whoah, is it just me or is that confusing?

For the intro I settled in on the idea that the vocals would alternate starting on beat two (with the share) then beat one. Is that what other people are hearing?

(I didn’t listen beyond the start of the rapping).

Fire your teacher(s)! :smiley:

…it was eons ago…

I’d call it a rest. If the piece opens with a partial measure before the first full measure, I call that an anacrusis. I’m not yet a Dorico user, so perhaps it has its own term for this?

+1 +P-funk.

This is cute. :slight_smile: