Analog desk through Cubase?

Just picked up an old Mackie 1402 small desk, and was wondering if I can connect this to my PC and my Cubase AI. Is this possible?

What I want to do is to use the mixer more like a remote controller, so for example instead of clicking inside Cubase project on track trip during my tracking sessions, so I can do it manually and remote rather than always using my mouse to click on specific track etc inside Cubase project. Hope you know what I mean?

Yes, the audio connections

No you can not do this with an analog mixer


You would need an Audio Device (you probably bought one, when you own Cubase AI license) and connect one of 1402 outs to your Audio Device inputs. But you can’t route multi-tracks. Only if you would have an Audio Device with multiple outputs and if you could route 1402 channels to individual 1402 outputs.

This mixer doesn’t have any MIDI (or USB to MIDI), via it could send the control data to DAW (Cubase). So you can’t use it as Cubase controller.

Thanks for the replies and helping with my query.

Another question, in that case, how would I connect my analog mixer to my interface/computer so that the recorded tracks I have done my digital DAW, I can route it out from my DAW through my analog mixer so I can do a rough analog mix down so that I can compare it to a proper digital mix?

That would depend on the interface, which you still have not told us, what it is, (or if you have one at all…?). Basically you connect a cable from each interface output to the mixer´s input.


svennilenni is totally right. Question is, why do you need this connection.

Could you describe your use case, how do you want to use your mix desk and computer?

Sorry for late reply, been away…

The interface I’m using is a AKAI EIE PRO.

Just looking at ways I could incorporate my analog mixer in the tracking process. Not necessarily in the mixdown process.