Analog Lab and The Gentleman Plugins not Working

Hello Everyone. I just installed Cubase 12 on my Windows PC. I have installed some plugins like Groove Agent SE, Halion Sonic, and Padshop. However, I installed Analog Lab V from Arturia and The Gentleman from NI on my PC recently, and they work fine as Standalone software, but not inside CUBASE. When I open my Cubase these plugins also appear as VST instruments, but when I click on one of them (Analog Lab or The Gentleman) I don’t see anything. Please I am new on CUBASE, I would appreciate any help from the community.

@mambucobizi welcome to the forum. If you try to load the instruments , will they load? If so, then what you are seeing is the vst not having an image. It has no effect on the instrument working correctly.

Cubase automatically provides a preview image for its own vst instruments but not for third party instruments like Analog Lab V and The Gentleman.

To load an image for those third party vst instruments, 1 - load analog lab (fastest way is to drag it to the arrange window)
2- In the plugin panel, click on the camera icon located on the right of the preset window (top of the panel)

see this post in the forum:

I hope this helps. Let me know.

hello @tdms Thanks for your reply. My issue is that I can’t load the instruments from the plugin
Screenshot 2023-12-17 112106