Analog outputs 1-8 pin config

MR816csx analog outputs 1-8. Each is a 1/4" RTS however each a mono output from what I read. I want to use csx analog output 1/2 out to a stereo RTS input on a headphone amp. The 1/4" RTS Y cable I’m using currently doesn’t seem to be working and I suppose the wiring is not correct.

If I want the csx analog 1/4" RTS output #1 to be left and the csx analog 1/4" RTS output #2 to be right going to a single 1/4" RTS stereo input connector, what is the correct pin config?

I’m going into a HEAD AMP 6 Pro for my headphone distro.

The outputs use standard TRS pinout (Tip = +, Ring = -, Sleeve = ground). According to the Head Amp manual the inputs are as follows:

Rear Balanced Inputs and Outputs: Tip = Pos (+), Ring = Neg (-), Sleeve = Ground
Rear Stereo Aux 1/4-inch Inputs: Tip = Left, Ring = Right, Sleeve = Ground
Front Direct 1/4-inch Input: Tip = Left, Ring = Right, Sleeve = Ground

If using the balanced inputs use a TRS cable (2 cables needed for stereo). If using the stereo inputs (unbalanced), you need a cable with 2 TS connectors and a TRS connector setup as follows:

TS Left Tip → TRS Tip
TS Left Sleeve → TRS Sleeve
TS Right Tip → TRS Ring
TS Right Sleeve → TRS Sleeve

A common TRS insert cable should work for this.