Analog recording with strange input volume!?!


This is my workflow:
arrangement in Cubase 6.02 -> mixed to 8 stereo outputs -> to my soundcards (2x mhlabs Mio2882/aggregate device) -> analog out to my Neve mixer +outboard gear (comp, eq) -> stereo sum to Hardware Waves maxxbcl (for L2 use only / output is maxed to -0.3db) -> digital via AES/EBU back to soundcard -> into Cubase mixer input channel (everything is ZERO, no parameter change at all!) -> recording is done to the arrange window…

ok. that s working! :wink:

BUT now my recorded audios peak is not at -0.3db, it’s at -1.5db!! WHY?
(i found this thread: , but it got never answered).

I’m a newbie to Cubase (but not to studio work!), if i’ve done a mistake, or if i’ve not seen a parameter to change, calibrate, whatever… PLEASE TELL ME… :wink:

I’ve tried the input gain, but this is not affecting the recording…

btw. my inputs at the software mixer of my soundcards had a peak at -0.3db / recording the same way with Logic Pro & Ableton Live results the same peak of -0.3db

Do you use Control Room? If so, did you dis-able all the outs on the Output tab of VST Connections?

Hi mschmahl -

You mentioned you were a Cubase newbie … not sure if you know about the drop down menu accessed on any of the mixer channels that determines what the mixer meters show? In other words, the mixer meter might show: a) input to the mixer, or b) output post-fader, or c) output post-panner, all depending on the setting. (page 162 of the manual).

These might be helpful to look at to check on the signal at each step of the chain, possibly to see if there is a “hidden” process that is attenuating it somewhere.

Having said all that, reading your post reminded me that the other night I had what seemed like a random increase in signal strength (like you, everything set to unity), it was between an audio channel and the main stereo out. I never could figure out what was causing it, and when I shut C6 down and reopened, the problem was gone. I had forgotten about that …


thanks a lot for your answers…

it was a hidden thing… :slight_smile: and i was to fast in writing here… now i discovered the input channels! wow…
the fader was set to -1.5db, don’t know who set it like this :wink:

but as i said, i m a cubase newbie. in logic, live, etc. you don’t have seperate input channels, that s why i didn’t looked to it!

sorry… but it s working now!