Analog Techno Kick VSTi PRO 3.0 with Analog Drift by Softrav

Upgrade to Analog kick Pro 3.0 - Analog Drift Added, New filters, Minor bugs fixed.

This virtual instrument has 238 phat techno kicks sampled from pure analog drum machines. M bank contains samples of kicks Jomox M base, X bank contains sounds of Jomox X base box, Tr bank contains - you guess, analog kicks from famous legendary Roland TR 808/909 series and VAR bank contains samples from different analog rare and exotic drum boxes from many many developers. You have possibility to filter high frequency of any bank and to mix sounds together to create Jomox & Roland Kick for example. The idea was to put all analog sounds together to save time for creativity and to have easy access the best selection of real analog kicks, essential for techno production.

What really do this instruments different from just samples is that you can tune individual analog drift to every kick. That makes kick line less mechanical repetative, makes it more analog.

Look at this pictures of waveforms of kicks coming out of Analog Techno Kick, every kick is slightly different. This difference create feeling of analog presence in your mix.

In section Low Harmonic Boosting you have control over boosting of low and low mid frequencies and one button to add phatness to the sound of kick.

Recommended for techno, trance, hip hop, dubstep, house, gabber, drumÂșnÂșbase, industrial, experimental,