Ancient DDP to montage bug

This is an old issue but not really super bad, and I hoped for a few versions that it would just go away, but obviously I must be the only one experiencing this because it is still there in W10 ! :slight_smile:

When I do a DDP master, I usually accept the option to automatically re-open the DDP in a new audio montage, and I save this montage that I label manually “from DDP”.
I use this “from DDP” montage to burn CDs (when needed) of make mp3 or 16 bit wav files to send to the client for proof listening.
That way I am 100% confident that what the client has is the exact copy of the master going to the plant for pressing. This audio montage I keep for further reference if I need to listen to the master without loading plugins dithering etc
Now for the problem :
If - as it often happens - I move the folders later or rename them, when I re-open this audio montage, not surprisingly I get the “missing files” dialog.

And that is where the problem happens : There is NO WAY to have Wavelab locate and accept the IMAGE.DAT. Finding files with the same name does not work. Manually pointing to the IMAGE.DAT file (difficult since it greys non audio files unless you specifically ask for “all files” , will not be accepted either whatever I do.
Of course the workaround is simple and fast (faster than writing this post…) I recreate a audio montage by importing the DDP, but I thought you might like to know this issue has been around … since the creation of the DDP writing feature ! Or maybe I will be ridiculed by some hidden option somewhere :smiley:

Apart from that I am presently discovering the new features in W10 and it seems that it answers some of my long standing demands, thanks

I did not think about this case. I will have to check it. One potential problem, is that IMAGE.DAT is a header-less file.

FYI, this will be solved in 10.0.40

Thanks !