Ancillary products and e-licenser issues

When Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 arrive, I would like to retire my e-licensers. But wait a minute… I have a bajillion (est.) other Steinberg products requiring the e-licenser, including VSTs, loops & samples, etc. Many of them already have the soft e-licenser as an installation option, but because I already use USB e-licensers I installed my licenses there. There is no way to go back, presently.

I can’t imagine that each and every one of these products will ever be subject to a ‘major update,’ such as is described in the FAQs. If this is correct, it means I’ll NEVER be able to retire my e-licensers and still have access to all my purchases.

Just listing this as a concern, hoping someone on the team has thought this through. Any plans in this regard?