And again and again - more inserts please.

OHhhh… it was most asked request on many forums - please more inserts! 2017 year and 8 inserts… totally disappointed… I chatted some months ago on Steinberg forum with Steinberg representative, and he also said that they knows that it is very requested feature, but he told me, - problem is, that they cant find solution for downgrade compatibility of versions in this case.
For example ,if You have C9 with 16 inserts active, then You can not to open fully this project in C8 with 8 inserts. I think it is not problem, because already some years/versions ago, there was situation that projects was not compatible with lower version. I guess it was with Cubase 5 and 6 if I remember correctly.

You can only add 6 (!) plugins pre fader ? You must be doing something wrong. Steinberg said it’s their most complete DAW ever. Period. Guess they even added a mix knob for every plugin slot.


@frozenwave you’re hilarious hahaha

6 is plenty if you know what you’re after
Use groupttracks to chain, or use the containers from bluecat or soundtoys, or both
Just duplicate the track if you’re after A/B’ing
And stop putting VU Meters and “gain stage” plugins between every plugin
You’ll be fine… no need for more than 6 slots. :laughing:

For me as well. :mrgreen:

What about a simple plugin chainer capable of hosting 8 plugin … chainers? :laughing:
It would give users backwards compatibility with a message just like all other plugins you can’t load.
But seriously, backwards compatibility as a reason for not adding more insert slots, c’mon? :laughing:
It would also give us 64 plugin slots, 48 pre and 12 post fader.
If you run out of plugin slots with that … :open_mouth:

It has been discussed many times and most of us do not need that much inserts overall, maybee a few times on channel once a year.
I Always was concerned about the extra latency involved if the more then 8 inserts drama would end-up positive (meaning more then 8 right!).

However poeple that do sound design (or are making their own sound stuff) need many inserts on many channels, so for some it’s a valid feature request.
Maybee Steinberg should include a chainer for free, so all the sound designers coud be happy again.


more inserts please!!!
even logic has 16 inserts…
Stupid reason from steinberg that it won’t load the complete mix in a lower version… who cares lol

+1 … again! Sigh.


with all respect to those who don’t need more insert slots, well don’t use them! But let it be a choice for us others…

A free chainer sounds good to me, no overhead for they people who are happy and enough slots for the ones that want to go crazy.

Why does a hobby mastering engineer feel the need to lecture other people how to work ? Fuck you man. If you want to discuss this open your own thread. Here is a suggestion:

“Why on earth do people want more than 6 inserts pre fader? I’m a hobby mastering engineer and everyone needs to work as I do”

It would be amazing if they had routing like Image Line’s “Patcher”. Just one more thing FL Studio is 10 steps ahead on.

Agree. When I was amateur at beginning of my journey I liked to Insert tons of plugins but now it’s max. 3 to 4 inserts.
There’s still Strip with Gate, Comp, EQ, Sat, Limiter and Shaper but I bet that a lot of folks still believe that native plugins in DAW are worst than any 3rd party plugin which is not accurate anymore in 2016

Limit the amount of inserts to only 2, just for the pros :smiley:

Now that’s a suggestion I would support. But watch out for the EDM hobby clowns with their “sound design” … :laughing:

No one take anything away from you. You are not harmed. Stop panicking.

It’s absolutely ridiculous, you guys have no reasons, just insults like calling people are crazy or claiming they don’t know what they are doing.

I don’t go on rampage and flame people who are asking for features that I can simply ignore. I don’t need a lot of stuff of cubase. Do I ask to have it removed ? No, why should I if I can disable it or just not use it. For example, I don’t need the sample track but I do not have a add one, so no problem. I do not need those loops that came with Cubase 9 but I do not need to add them.

If more inserts are optional you are not affected and the topic ends for you right there.

If you arrogant wannabe engineers want to discuss productions techniques and lecture others go and make your own thread about it.

YES we need more insert slots god dammit! 6 are not enough for many of us. And I don’t understand why some people are against it!
The solution could be so easy. If we run out of slots, a new slot would appear. For all of you who don’t need more than 8 slots, nothing would change. But for us it would be much better.