And all of a sudden...

…things have gotten weird.

I’m running Cubase 6.0.7 and on the project I’m currently working on, and it seems to be this project only, Cubase hangs when I get to a certain part of the project.

It gives me some BEX error, the most annoying part is that I have to restart for me to be able to use my Roland Quad Capture again. If I start up Cubase again without restarting, it won’t let me select the Quad Capture, saying ‘cannot found a hardware’ (something along those lines). I have to restart. Although I can still play mp3’s through Winamp via the Quad Capture, so the device is still working, Cubase just won’t let me select it.

What could be causing this? I’m running a few instances of POD farm, I somehow think this might be affecting things, although it never used to. Is it a sign of my hard drive dying? When Cubase hangs, it seems like it tries to accesss the files of this particular part, hesitates, and then hangs giving me the BEX error. Almost seems like if I push stop just after the hesitation, Cubase won’t hang.

Should I just re-install Cubase?

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

BEX appears to be some type of Buffer Overflow Exception, not heard of this as a Cubase problem so would think something else is causing it, a plugin for example.

Managed to sort this problem out.

I was running two instances of Pod Farm running for 2 different guitars on two different groups. Going into these 2 groups, I had a total of 4 mono tracks. 2 mono tracks were hard panned left and bussed to one group and another two hard panned right and bussed to the other group.

I was messing around and tried out this setup but Cubase doesn’t seem to like it very much. It keeps hanging with the error I’ve mentioned.

I’ve gone back to just 2 mono tracks on this project, each with Pod Farm running and there aren’t any problems.

I have a new problem though. I used to be able to change the buffer size while in a project, I can’t anymore. When I try changing it, I get a ‘Device in use’ message. I’ve tried the ‘release driver in background’ option.

Any advice?