Crash, crash, crash. Went with Steinberg as I thought it was a mature, established platform but Cubase Artist 10 just keeps crashing. This has gone on for months. Steinberg support doesn’t help and no, it doesn’t create a crash dump file and no, I’m not debugging your software for you. Give me my money back.


Try to trash Cubase preferences. If it’s still crashing, attach a crash dump file, please.

Thank you Martin.

I’ve now calmed down a bit and tried your suggestion to trash Cubase preferences and it seems to have worked.

I don’t know if this is the right way to do this, I am not an expert, but if anyone else is interested I typed %appdata%\Steinberg into a Windows File Explorer window and copied the contents of that diectory into a temporary folder as a backup. I then deleted the entire contents of the original folder.

The next time I ran Cubase it imported factory defaults, so you will lose all of your settings and will probably have to set up your audio devices again but it should stop crashing.

It seems to have worked for me as Cubase has not crashed for a few hours now.

Fingers crossed…

Good this has worked for you. I have had to trash preferences several times in the couple of years I have had Cubase. So, when you say Steinberg support was no help, did they even respond to a support ticket? And if they did, they never suggested this particular suggestion?

I had an open support ticket for a previous problem with licensing. Once that had been resolved with a new key and I could launch Cubase, they kept the ticket open to help with the new problem with crashing. I was asked to send system info and the previously mentioned elusive crash dump files. As Cubase wasn’t generating any crash dump files this didn’t help. I tried changing hardware and thought that I’d cured it with a new USB cable so closed the support ticket. They didn’t mention trashing Cubase preferences or any alternative methods of generating the crash dump files. Maybe that would have been the next step if I hadn’t erroneously thought I’d cured it.

Thanks for responding. It seems that a number of these Cubase crashes are from some corrupt dependency being written in the preference folder. Hopefully SB is looking into how that occurs.