and FINALLY --- the TRIPLET Grid !!

… after all those years … it’s here !

… now why did this take sooo long ??

bye, Jan

Got a screen shot?

Maybe I misunderstand you, but the Cubase I’ve been using has had triplet grid for quite some time (it’s what the “T” refers to alongside the various note lengths you can chose)

I’m not really sure what a) the fuss is about and b) why did it take Steinberg so long to implement it. This doesn’t affect quantization in any way. The only difference is that the vertical lines now are in triplet note positions when you have triplet notes selected.

It wasn’t available in the project window … now it is.

Regarding the fuzz :
It’s very helpful, when manually aligning drums, for example.

bye, Jan

So does that mean I can now program in 3rd notes rather than across 4’s or 5 etc

If so that’s awesome but what if there is a mix of time signatures throughout a piece?


Hi bentley,
you can already program in all time signatures.
( If You need different time signatures in a song, use the ‘Tempo Track’.
Since V5 also available as track-class in the project window )

Again, the grid in the project window was not following the quantize triplet setting
for a very long time ( we had this in earlier Cubase versions, though ).
Now it’s back.

bye, Jan

But I still don’t think we can quantize in 5s or some other odd number across a 4/4 bar (for those jazz moments).


Quintuplets and septuplets are pretty hard to write conventionally with pen & paper sometimes (I sometimes have to make a grid) and they’re also rarely seen so I think they’ve left it up to us to use our own intelligence to work out how to do it rather than they spend programming months getting the program to do it for us three. :slight_smile:
And in some very rare examples I have seen piano left hand triplets over right hand quint’s in a 4/4 bar. Now, that’d be tricky to place. Trickier to play!

Well, we’ve always been able to do that, using the Quantize Setup menu (and the custom grid was always visible in the Key Editor). So the only question, really is, “Does this new Cubase 6 grid function hold true also for custom quantizations in the Project window, or merely just include triplets?”

That is an excellent question. I’d assumed that it was any grid value … so custom should work. But, assumed just gets you in trouble. Will be interesting to see.