And here's my list of suggestions for Cubase 11...

First off - thank you to the development team for everything included in Version 10.5. The Video stuff is especially significant.

And thank you to anyone that’s reading the following…

  1. My biggest bugbear with Cubase (by far) is its insistence on defining tempo ALWAYS as a quarter note. In compound meters (6/8 12/8 etc) the tempo is usually defined by the dotted quarter. I’ve come from a platform (DP) that has infinite flexibility on how the sequence interprets and presents tempo and also how the click relates to that tempo. The two ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Thus in a 12/8 passage I can specify that dotted quarter = 120bpm. The click can be an eighth note, a quarter note or a dotted quarter, whatever I want. If I’m alternating between 12/8 and 4/4 but want the tempo of the dotted quarters in the 12/8 measures to be the same as the quarter notes in the 4/4 measures, Cubase currently forces the user to make ridiculous changes in the tempo track that have no relationship to what is actually happening musically. Please,please,please can this be fixed?

  2. Now that using video inside cubase is more of a reality, I have a small question about video file management. I typically use Back Up Project from a blank template to coral all files associated with a new cue. I’d love to able to NOT backup any audio files derived from a video file. Right now if I have a video track and its audio in my template. I can back up without copying the video but the dialogue tracks are copied every time. Ideally, I’d like a second audio pool, that hosts audio related to an entire film project rather than just an individual cue. So if I start a new cue, I have a the dialogue and fx in my sequence (without being copied numerous times) and also any audio that I might want to refer to. The stereo mix of the previous cue for example. How about all the cues that I’ve written up to that point? How great would it be to be able to open up a blank template for a film and have all of the current written ready built and there to refer to…

3 Also related to Video - could ice please have streamer flutters and pops overlay and a big (scalable) counter that has the option to only show bars and beats? I often have players over to make overdubs. I always give them a monitor with the video window playing. The ability to cue them with streamers and a large counter is an enormous timesaver.

  1. And a thought about markers - I love the different options that Cubase has for markers, but a two-fold piece of functionality I really miss is the ability to show a marker vertically in any window, and to be able to snap any event to that marker. Say there’s an explosion in the video. I place a marker at the hit point. And then that marker is visible as a vertical line (not just a flag at the top of the sequence) in any window. I can snap any note or any automation to that specific point….

  2. Could it be possible for the score editor to have the option to display ALL notes on a track without having to glue any separated regions together first? I use the Score editor a lot, and having to go back and glue everything is a real time waster…

  3. Chunks! DP users will know what I’m talking about…

  4. Lastly - can we please have a folder for back up files of Cubase projects? The current look is such a mess! Tuck all back up files away, so that the current file is easy to find…

Thanks to all,


I don’t believe that’s correct musically. What you’ve described is all 4/4, not 12/8 followed by 4/4. The only difference between your two measures is the subdivision of the quarter note. The bar you’'re calling “12/8” is 4/4 with triplet subdivision. How you choose to subdivide the beat has nothing to do with the time signature or the tempo. Musically, you’re asking for a quarter note beat to be used as the basis for your tempo in both measures. So, in any DAW, the musical way to express this is 4/4 with quarter note tempo beats.

Yes, you could alternatively describe this as alternating bars where both the time signature and the definition of a beat changes every bar, but that’s a rather convoluted way to look at it, so you should probably expect the DAW to treat this in a convoluted way as well :slight_smile:.

+1 to the idea of snapping to a marker to mark a significant point in a video.

Cubase has an entire ecosystem :wink: devoted to dealing with meter, and in my opinion it goes farther than DP. It’s done with a different mindset than MOTU’s so be prepared for that.

See Metronome setup, Click Patterns, and “Use Click pattern for grid line emphasis” in the ruler drop-down.

Steve - Cubase is not even close to DP’s flexibility in this area. Not by a long shot. I promise you. I know you’re part of the Cubase ecosystem, but please believe me that this is an area that Steinberg improve. I understand that that the recent improvements to click generation have improved matters somewhat, but it’s refusal to acknowledge a basic element of musical syntax is a profound shortcoming. Look at any classical piece in compound meter and you’ll see the tempo expressed in terms of dotted quarter notes. You were kind enough in a previous post to point out the function of putting a dotted quarter tempo marking in the score editor, but of course it doesn’t match what the main sequencers window is displaying.

  1. Don’t know DP; would need further illustration of this ‘inflexibility’ (maybe there’s another post/thread you could point to…) to form a better opinion…?

  2. More file management options are always welcome with me; though in this instance, can’t you delete the dialogue audio first, use the checkbox to not include unused files when doing your backup (thus eliminating multiple copies), then bring in what you need in the new cue, via the new ‘Import Tracks From Project’ facility. If the Tracks are named the same, use ‘match tracks’ (or whatever its called) to bring data into already named similar Tracks…?

3 All stuff that’s currently reserved for Nuendo folk - though, there is a re-sizeable floating separate second ‘Time Display’ in Cubase that you can use on a second monitor…

  1. Snap to Markers would be good.

Set snap type to Events or Grid+Events

Unnecessary. Use ‘Select all on Track’

It does if you set the grid to the click pattern. Have you tried that?

edit: I see you’re talking strictly about the tempo displayed in the transport bar, and not about the grid.