And now, what installer

Wiped my computer and currently have 6.5 on it

but what installer to use for 7?

Core, full offline (the latter a rar file, I cant even open it on mac… )

isn’t there just a plain from 6.5- to 7 upgrade installer like usual

(dunno where I put the one I initially used and wasn’t there extra content in 7, Groove
Agent etc)


Where do I find the plain upgrade file from 6.5 to 7?

Choose Cubase 7.0.2 Complete Installer

there is no such file to upgrade from 6.5 to 7 ,you pay an upgrade price to download and install the full c7 program separately to c6 and yes they can both be on the same comp at the same time :wink:

Yes Filter. But don’t state the obvious lol

I’ve been using 7 almost since it was released -

But after doing a clean install of Mountain Lion (from Lion)

I misplaced the original intaller. And as stated my mac don’t

like the rar file (full installer) and for some strange reason I can’t even move
it into a stick-

I just want the file I orginally got when upgrading, if that make sense

get someone to unrar it and drop box it :astonished:

:open_mouth: you just need a program to extract .rar file. mmm have you ever tried to google “.rar mac”?

and if you look at the read me text with the download of c7.2 full installer it tells you just that and where to get the mac rar

Yo, I am not cool with Steinberg asking me to install any additional programs
to open their installer.

No textfile in the Mac installer, atleast not outside the dmg file

No, but on the page that contains the download - right underneath the download link…

Sorry I didn’t even see it.

So let’s see in order to reinstall 7 directly on the Mac
i will need the following:

A rar extracter

and another browser, preferably Firefox


well if you had bought the box version then you wouldn’t have this issue in the first place ,it was your choice ,we are all in the same boat ,weather it’s pc or mac , I had to do the same download an unzipper on my new daw just to install c7 ,am I bothered ??? NOOOOO because it works wonderful so really it’s up to you weather you really want it or not doesn’t it

Did you have 6.5 installed,

when using the full installer?


Alright, thanks-