And so the nightmare begins anew....

I just upgraded to Eucon 3.5 and installed Studio Monitor Express to get my MC Control to see my audio card. Result? Now, NOTHING WORKS! All of my Artist Series Gear is now “bricks with lights that say Avid!”

I tried un-installing SME. No change. I went back to Eucon 3.4. No change. I can’t even do a system restore on it! WTH? Why is Eucon such a ridiculous PITA? This crap happens with Eucon EVERY SINGLE UPGRADE, its ridiculous!

THIS would be the exact reason why I am so reluctant to go full ITB. Nuendo works fine. But now I’m back to fulltime mouse/trackball until this gets resolved. Any suggestions on how I might do that. I could be reincarnated several times before I get a reply over at the Avid site!

Here’s the message I get when I try to launch Eucon now.
Eucon Ethernet Connection Error Message 00.jpg
There is no other choice to make. But here is the result of the only choice given.
Eucon Ethernet Connection Error Message 01_Results.jpg
Any ideas on how to get the hardware back online?

I’m a Cubase user. So, unfortunatelly no clue about Nuendo.
I just can confirm to have updated EuControl right as the Version 3.5 had been released. No problems at all.
With the update to Cubase pro 9 within Dec. 2016, I was forced to rename the related xml-file accordingly - as usual.
But again - no problems since then for the last three months.

Just a first guess - did you check your ethernet hub/router to be ok?
For me it sounds more like a hardware than a software problem.
(One time I had a faulty router as well - checked and replaced it and was up again.)

Sorry to be not very helpful. :frowning:
But I can confirm, that the EuControl V3.5 is running well on my system. :wink:
So no general software fault as far as I can see.


How do I check the router? What exactly would I be looking for? Nuendo and Eucon 3.4 worked fine. I installed SME & Eucon 3.5 and did the restart, as instructed, and all I’ve got is a Eucon Crash. So what could my router have done to itself in that short of a time period?

The Device Mgr. says that I have the latest drivers.
Ethernet Properties says the device is working as it should.
Should I just re-seat the cables? All of the lights where Eucon is connected are showing strong activity. What am I looking for here? Thanks!
DEVICE MGR. Working Properly.jpg

Oh man…!

I feel your pain, bro’!

One word: AVID… :unamused:
What really pisses me off is the crap with the nagscreen lately where you have to choose the ethernet port EVERY FRIGGIN TIME the computer boots up.
As for the other stuff: I have no idea. I have a maintenance session in my studio on tuesday, and will try to replicate your issues.
Regarding your previous question on how I monitor: as stated, I don’t use the monitor section in Nuendo, I have a pair of stereo monitors connected to a Mackie Big Knob which is connected directly to my Fireface UCX, as is my narration booth, I do all the routing stuff via TotalMix. My surround monitors are directly connected to an ADAT converter running out of the UCX, I never adjust levels on those because they are calibrated to the room. So I have no need for SME, but I’ll install it and see what I see… :wink:

Tried to get the useless 3.5 update to work on macOs at no avail.
Fortunately reverting to 3.4 broight the units back.
No response from Avoid.
That company completely freaks me out. Their stuff is just so unbelievavly buggy.
Why doesn’t Steinberg do a small form factor high quality mix controller?
If they made it open and deeply integrated they could finally kill off the old HUI.

Sorry I cannot help but I hear your pain.

Not sure why you’re trying to install SME as Nuendo is the software controlling your audio I/O. No issues with EuControl 3.5 here and is much improved over previous versions.


I got an answer from Avid Tech support. They’ve got me up and running again. I downloaded the latest SME and now I’m trying to figure out HOW to make it see Nuendo. The only instruction I have is this old YouTube video (see screenshot) of an installation of an older version with Logic. I got stuck at step 2 because nothing is showing in the selections areas of the patching folder.
If you could show me how to do this WITHOUT SME, that would be fantastic, since this is already unnecessarily complicated from my point of view.

You know, I’m starting to think you don’t even need SME for what you want to achieve - especially since you call a RayDat your own. In your case it’s more a question of getting your Artist to communicate with the monitor section in Nuendo. Get back to you on Tuesday for that…

Hey yo! Back again.
Had a frustrating day today at the studio trying to A) install SME and trying to get it to make sense, to no avail.
Then on to the next idea: B) mapping Nuendo’s control room mixer to the Artist Mix. No can do, I’m afraid, that’s probably more in Steinberg’s ball park, but Nuendo won’t map control room channels to the Artist Mix.
It’s all just such a pain in the a$$, I hate to admit it, but I got nowhere.
If I were you I’d do all my monitoring and I/O routing from RME’s total mix. After all, it’s one of the best digital mixers/routers there are, and you can even map it’s channels to the Artist via Mackie Protocol, if you want.
Sorry, would have liked to be of more help…

Can’t even say “Alpha Sierra Sierra” on this forum? Jeez!

Dude you’ve been an immense help! I thought I was going nuts, like I was learning disabled or something. Thanks for trying! It is much appreciated!

I’m not understanding exactly what you’re trying to achieve but if you want to set things up so that you can use Control Room as a monitor controller then this is certainly possible and there’s no need for SME. You can access most Control Room parameters (including volume) via Eucon. I use an Artist Control for this purpose.

EDIT: I’m a Cubase user so I’m assuming it’s the same in Nuendo.

Hello keyplayer,
it seems that your problem arises by a faulty bonjour programm. Reinstall bonjour and there is a good chance that your problem is gone. You can check your windows logfile if there is a problem related to bonjour.

Happy easter anyway


I keep seeing replies (and thank you for them) saying that I can get the Control room section of the MC Control to work with or without Studio Monitor Express. But I have yet to see a reply that tells me HOW.

This is my view of the Monitor Setup Window of the MC. I tried to upload a photo of MY MC. But the file is apparently too big. So, this photo is taken from the manual. My Control Room Source says “Ext” in the 1st slot and “Mix” in the 2nd slot. The other 2 slots are blank.
Euphonix MC Control_Monitor Setup_Manual.jpg

Absolutely nothing happens when I try to open either slot for more information, let alone see any indication that the CR sees my RayDat Card or my DA7.

Right now everything is being handled externally via my digital mixer. But if I switch to the Antelope 32 with Mic Pres, where do I look then to control them? Is anything ever going to show up in the MC window, or am I supposed to adjust everything via the total mix window of the RME, outside of the Eucon environment? In which case, what does the Control Room Setup Page of the MC actually do? :question:

If you want to set up your Eucon controller to act like a hardware monitor controller, yes this is possible but it sounds like you maybe want to also do some additional stuff which is not possible.

  1. I don’t know about the Antelope 32 but I’ll be pretty surprised if it’s possible to control that via Eucon.

  2. You can NOT control/edit plugins that are on the Control Room inserts.

  3. You CAN control all of the monitoring features in Control Room, including the volume. All the buttons in this picture can be assigned to soft keys (or touch screen buttons) in Eucon:
    Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 20.38.46.png
    Studio Monitor Express is definitely not required. Do you already use and understand Control Room or are you new to this feature?

You can set up soft keys to switch between your four sets of monitors, your different monitoring sources, Dim, Talkback etc.
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 20.34.30.png
You can assign Control Room volume to the wheel (It works on an Artist Transport, not sure about any other controller). This is where you assign it:
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 20.35.38.png

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This was a big help!! :smiley: :sunglasses:

No problem. Post here if you can’t figure it out and I’ll try and remember to have a look at this thread. :slight_smile:

All of your settings are via soft keys. Is ANY of this going to show up on the CR setup page? I’m still just seeing factory settings in that window. Are my stereo and 5.1 monitors supposed to show up on the MC’s screen, or is everything being controlled by soft keys?

In other words, will my control room knob work now or am I sending every thing to the faders or jog wheel?

I’m not familiar with the MC specifically (I have a Transport and S3 and perviously had an Artist Mix).

Presumably you can just program a page of touchscreen ‘soft keys’ to give you the functions you need. Lots of them are already set in EuControl by default assuming you have the relevant XML files for Cubase/Nuendo. Is this what you see on the default page of your touchscreen?

If you press the Control Room button, marked on my picture, does it take you to this page?

If so, you just need to edit this page according to your personal requirements.

I’m not 100% sure but I THINK I remember reading that the control room knob does not work in current versions of EuControl but it used to work in older versions. You would therefore have to use the jog wheel. It’s not possible to assign the Control Room volume to a fader.