And... still another POOF!

I think there is -some- relationship to the DVD. I’ve noticed that 90% of my issues with Cubase happen -after- I’ve used the DVD drive in some way while Cubase is open. (Not Cubase.) I use the other app, then go back to Cubase and I’ll either a) lose the audio or b) POOF!

And the diabolical thing is that in neither case is there a crash log. But I am sure that the DVD drive -is- implicated somehow.

I like the term! had too many POOFs! I have reported so many crashes! I’m on Mac. I hope your issue get fixed!

I have a POOF or two every day on my Windows 10 PC.
They always seem to happen when i open, close, or am using a Steinberg VST (Halion and GA have both caused this many times).
Its odd that CB crashes quite often when i close it. Its not noticeable when it happens, but when i launch it again i get the Utility screen. Thats not a big deal though, the POOF’s are as there is no way of saving before closing most of the time, it’s just gone.