And the Windows 10 Pro tweaks are ... ?

Hi ,- I have a great pre-built DAW running W7 Pro (ADK Systems, 16 GB RAM, running Cubase 7.5.40), and I’m moving towards upgrading to W10 Pro.

Wondering how I can judge the reliability of the many many tweak suggestions out there. For example, here is a nice vid, , but to be honest, I have no way of knowing whether the tweaks are helpful, unnecessary, or possibly downright dangerous/unhelpful.

Is there a go-to high reliability source of info for this?

Thanks for any thoughts -

Some of them, like optimize for background tasks, are WRONG.
In general, if you make sure that the CPU does not throttle or park cores in BIOS, and use a POWER scheme that does not throttle anything, you are good in Win10.
But ADK has a good reputation, if you sent them a mail and asked if it is safe to upgrade and what to look out for, there is a good chance to get a reply.

The bios changes you ought to disable are “intel speedstep” and “C-states”. Even on my system … I had performance issues when the above mentioned bios settings were enabled. Now everything is running like a dream and I use a buffer of 64 samples without any clipping.

Windows 10 Pro gives you the possibility to postpone Microsoft updates, and my favorite feature, Bitlocker encryption.