And the windows 8 useless processes are ? ...

it used to be a site lol now it’s just a domain for sale :stuck_out_tongue: I have a core i7 as well, 6 gb. (could install more but don’t actually need it as I don’t make huge orchestrations with sample libraries.

From what i have gathered from 1 day, it seems to be about the same performance wise but I haven’t done any optimizing. Thats what I would like to know, which processes can you get rid of ? I guess firewall to begin with.

I wouldn’t really bother optimising as it’s still too early to tell what’s what until all the reviews and reports are in about next month. It’s too easy to tangle your system by over-tweaking and forget where you are.
Win7 didn’t need any so my guess is neither does Win8 unless someone discovers a real biggie.

How long did you think they’d last with a name like that?! :slight_smile:

:smiley: Yes, probably musicwin8 now.


The useless ones are the ones you don’t use. Disable those.

on music XP they had vista tips too last what I checked that site and it was still operational.
And there’s a difference between services you don’t use (like windows printing service or whatnot) and things you better not deactivated because they improve disk/memory management.

I thought there would be more info on this by now.

and real time scanning

I removed all that yesterday , like defender and firefwall, some other stuff I don’t remember but doesn’t seem relevant: like themes and offline files, well after a boot it has now 0.9 gb in memory so I guess I can be happy :slight_smile:

Let us know if you notice a performance boost Cosmic.

I wouldn’t say a performance boost, just a memory increase which is good because I sometimes load much samples. At least 500 megabyte extra isn’t a bad thing. I should plug another 6 gb in soon so i’ve got 12 gb then, than this wouldn’t be such a problem.

There’s something like search indexeing process that I didn’t find but it’s rumored to gain ferformance. I’ll try another pass in the processes tree today

if you have an ssd it will turn itself off. The name of the service is a little different than w7 but can’t remember it off the top of my head.

I’d be interested in knowing of a site with daw tips for Win 7. I’m setting up a new pc I7 3930 16gb and its my first time using Win 7 ,coming from XP. I’m online so will be keeping Windows Defender ,only thing I’ve turned off is Aero. Any sites that come to mind would be welcomed.

I don’t know of a site, but you should disable the real time protection of defender while using any DAW, then turn it back on for internet safety. It will scan files as you are using them, like samplers as the load/save files.

defender is off with me unless there’s something else that i need to look at, but the process was called microsoft defender so I guess that’s a clear one…

XP guy here: Can one partition the hard drive using W8 so the browsing stuff (defender, antivirus, etc.) is active on one partition, but can be removed on the DAW side of things? Or something else, so that browsing can take place on the same computer as DAWing?

I don’t need to do all that palaver. Windows Defender and all flavours of it and the firewall have never interfered with Cubase. I really don’t know how you get all those troubles. :smiley:

I believe that a lot of “performance tips” are just left over lore from Win 98 days when Pentium 2’s and 1gb of ram was a beast. I get no issues from a firewall or Windows defender either. Also , there is no longer a reason not to have a daw online unless the user has an affinity to Russian porn sites. I would be interested in some genuine Win 7 info beyond the obvious turning off Aero. So far no problems for me on my new daw anyway

Here is a very good guide for Windows 7.

Notice no suggestion to turn off indexing. I saw a very long discussion on Gearslutz that convinced me that the indexing service had been re-written for Windows 7 in such a way that it could not interfere with performance, and that you are better off leaving it on. I think with multi-core CPU’s, the benefits of turning off services that aren’t used often or at all is marginal. You can turn off what you know you don’t need, but you shouldn’t expect much difference in your DAW performance. Much more important these days is ensuring the power settings aren’t turning off cores, etc.

Early 21

Thanks for the link. Funny, I check the NI forum daily but never thought to look there.