And the windows 8 useless processes are ? ...

Here is a very good guide for Windows 7.

Notice no suggestion to turn off indexing. I saw a very long discussion on Gearslutz that convinced me that the indexing service had been re-written for Windows 7 in such a way that it could not interfere with performance, and that you are better off leaving it on. I think with multi-core CPU’s, the benefits of turning off services that aren’t used often or at all is marginal. You can turn off what you know you don’t need, but you shouldn’t expect much difference in your DAW performance. Much more important these days is ensuring the power settings aren’t turning off cores, etc.

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Thanks for the link. Funny, I check the NI forum daily but never thought to look there.

Same here. XP is good enough OS for music production. It’s shame Steinberg decided to make it inpossible to install C7 on XP. Is there really features in W7/8 which C7 needs and which XP doesn’t have?

Well … if you need more RAM, would it be less painfull to switch to 64-bit system instead of creating a network of 32-bit systems?

I was an XP user until 4 weeks ago,when I got a new daw with Win 7. I took a small bit of satisfaction in getting XP to continue to work over the years. Big problem came in installing a Native Instrument add on a few months ago. Basically although I got the sounds installed I really had to work with NI (they were good about it) and it illustrated that XP is just not supported by anyone any more and its just going to get worse. Its really not Steinberg thats abandoned XP; its basically everyone that makes software including Microsoft.

Interesting question as to whether C7 needs something in Win 7/8. One thing I noticed is that the Cubase 64x bridge works perfectly in Win 64x whereas I needed Jbridge with XP 64 x.

Here from the competition:
Optimizations for Mac & Windows
Win7 Optimizations

nd the windows 8 useless processes are ? …

Training skinflints to use their wallets to buy the stuff that works.
An OS is like a shopping bag. You know you need a new one when all your shopping falls out the bottom and all you do is ring the shopping bag shop to complain. :mrgreen: