Android 5.0 Lollipop compatibility

Dear Cubase iC Pro Android users,

there are some compatibility problems with v5 of Android.
We are investigating the problems and will be able to provide more information soon. :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks for the heads up on this - I came looking for info on it as I just updated to 5.0 today and iC crashes immediately

Is anything happening with this? Its been a while now and there are more Lollipop devices comming online for every day that passes…


Could we please have a status update or even an estimated release date of an updated version!


Doesn’t work with 5.01 either.

Doesn’t work with 5.0.2 either…

This is getting a little silly.

Any news on the Android 5 version yet ?

@ Carlos (or whoever is in charge of this now): Is anything actually happening on this anymore? If so, what is the timescale?

If nothing more is going to happen, what is the procedure for obtaining a refund?

No communication = very bad PR for Steinberg.

Happy New Year.

I think i have wasted my 30 day trail on this :frowning: I am currently now looking at Lemur as its only ÂŁ13.99 and you can load mackie control into it and also setup your own buttons and other controls. i will let you know if it has Android 5.0 Lollipop compatibility.

Your devs have had access to Lollipop since Google I/O last June. This wasn’t a surprise. Belkin seemed to correct the Wemo compatibility issues quickly. Perhaps it is something simple?

Just to let everyone know Lemur works well on the Nexus 7 2012 running Android 5.02. Just done some small tests so far and it’s working well. If you do not need to see the arrangment page and only control, meters and buttons it gives so much more control. Defernetly a stop gap until IC Pro is fixed.

(Quote dated 21 November 2014)

Define “soon”

None of my Android devices work with iC Pro anymore.

Why have you given up on us?

Please fix Cubase IC Pro or refund us our money. You guys are really rough with keeping up on OS changes. first my Cubase 7.5 does not work properly with Windows 7 after an update from Microsoft Months ago and your work around is too disable the News Feed Hub. Still to this date no fix. Now Lollipop is out for Android and Cubase IC Pro does not work and looking through this forum its been an ongoing conversation for months with no resolve or any update in months. Please stop putting out half baked software versions i.e. Cubase 7, 7.5 and now Pro 8 and fix what we have all already paid for. Otherwise have the common courtesy to put a disclaimer in your system specs to say

will only work with this OS up to this update point

as this is how you treat your issues anyway, just sucks having to be a mind reader and figure out when that moment is coming for any of your software I have purchased.

This is slack!!!

We have some news for you about the topic:

I am very pleased to see that something is being done about icpro and android 5 compatibility, but why was it necessary to cause so much frustration and dissatisfaction with Steinberg but ignoring us and refusing to confirm that you were working on it?

too little too late, as per usual.

Thankyou for the info - I just bought the extension and was wondering why the app kept crashing on my Nexus 9 Android 5.0.1. Hope to hear something positive soon.


So … should I avail of the Musikmesse offer and buy the extension even though it won’t work … or should I take a chance nevertheless? There are two major issues, as far as I see: it doesn’t work (not trivial!) on Android 5 and on my 7" screen I’ll only get the phone version. Seems like a no-brainer.