Android recording vs Studio

I recorded a song to my android phone using Easy Voice recording Pro. 44.1 Wave. Played Electric guitar and played BFD eco standalone from computer. Sang while playing. The quality felt som mutch better than any “pro” recording i tried through MR816X cubase 6/7. I Always feel flat with no emotion. This sounded like a old scool LP.
What am I doing wrong or right?

Kinda hard to believe. Maybe your DAW isn’t set properly? Maybe you don’t have enough experience with Cubase and the Android thing helps you because it’s mostly automatic? Or maybe it was just a fluke?

The quality is not better but the feeling is there. That is because I play and sing and desame time. No stock limiting. Dynamic.

Though I don’ t completely understand what you mean by “no stock limiting. Dynamic” - If you can not achieve these things with Cubase, you should sell it and stick to your phone…
Didn’ t you want to switch to UAD Apollo and Pro Tools anyway…? Maybe you get it to work with that…!?

that’s true. I almost switched :slight_smile:
I was just surprised how good it sounded as a room mic. Record drums from monitors, electrical guitar from tube speaker and song. only one mic. Of course it would sound better with only one Neumann mic in audiointerface to Cubase. I have a habit of wanting to use al lot of plugin. Stock plugins. Newbie Mistake I guess.

In 20+ years of recording I learned the magic moments tend to happen in technical inferior environments :laughing:

When I’m inspired to do some own music - for that’s songwriting/recording at the same time - I try to take the time to properly set up + level microphones, place some headphones, prepare each instrument I could like to play, create a project complete with all possibly routings. All that’s left to do is to rec enable a track and let it flow. Just as I do it when bands come to my humble studio. If no clients’ work interferes I leave it set that way as long as possible, just in case :sunglasses:

The best recording engineer is virtually invisible, taking technical aspects out of the way of musical art. Not much difference in that, when you are the artist yourself.

Nevertheless it can also be cool to integrate some phone/mobile recorder/scratch tracks into a subsequent production. Hybrid style - keeping the vibe of the original plus using the whole variety of more sophisticated methods to create a song of really good and unique quality.

I think you answered your own question here. The way you are performing is different.

  1. Some of the best recordings in history were done with simple mic set-ups. If the room sounds good, a single mic in the room can sound great on many sources! If that works for you, try and recreate that approach when working with your DAW.

  2. As others implied, keeping the recording set-up simple means you focus more on the music and are less distracted by your “tools”. Try and set-up templates in Cubase (and keep your hardware always at the ready) where your can get set up and recording in under a minute or so.


So who’s forcing you to use plugins in Cubase? If it sounds better without, don’t. D’uh :slight_smile:

Nothing force me. I just wonder sometimes I’d mixconsole; eq, compressor, envelope, tape/tube dp more harm than good.
Anyway. I am going to use single Mic recording into project. Mix it in.

The KISS factor (keep it simple, stupid) also applies to music technology. But you don’t need inferior equipment to keep it simple. Just a simpler setup.

Yes, I do believe that most people over-use FX (especially nowadays that they’re so widely available to anyone) and they end up doing more harm than good.

I will have a picture of the band KISS on my monitor to remind me of keep it simple…stupid.
My goal is to have a sound like Pearl Jam third album from 1994 “Vitalogy” That’s is perfect album :slight_smile: