Android: Size IS important.

This is a warning to anyone buying an Android tablet hoping to get the detail shown on the product page for cue mixes.

You must have a device bigger than ABOUT (WTF?) 8".
I know, they don’t tell you anywhere, except in obscure comments on a couple of threads.

My Nexus 7" is only 0.9" smaller than an iPad mini, yet the latter gets the full display, but I get no more than an iPhone 3gs would get.

I call this a FAIL for SB.

Do you get the feeling I am a bit P!SSED OFF?

Up until now, we proles have got used to the idea that tablet and phone versions of apps are different in their functionality and level of detail. The product page also links to two manuals, one for iPhones, and the other for iPads. Seems to follow what we would expect. But come the Android version and SB decides to pick an arbitrary size point, rather than follow the convention, but then FAILs to tell anyone!

They do say to get the demo and test to see if it works on your device, but that doesn’t work well if you haven’t bought the device and already have the app.

Dear Patanjali,

we regret to hear that you are not satisfied with the product.

Due to the high number of available Android devices with various capacities and screen sizes it is not possible to have all of them covered in the testing process.

Therefore we’ve decided on the release of the free trial version of Cubase iC Pro for Android - and clearly communicated this information at all relevant levels - to allow all of our users to test the version with their Android device free of charge to make sure everything works as expected before buying the product.


As I wrote:

They do say to get the demo and test to see if it works on your device, but that doesn’t work well if you haven’t bought the device and already have the app.

To repeat, that free app does NOT help if we do NOT have the device yet. We need such information BEFORE we buy a device, just so we can determine IF it will be suitable.

I think you are operating under the mistaken belief that people will only buy the app for an EXISTING device. Obviously you (specifically those responsible and accountable for promotional literature) haven’t read ANY of the posts in the forums where people ask BEFOREHAND whether what they want to buy is suitable.

I would have asked on the forums about the Nexus 7 2013 myself, IF there had been ANY indication that SB had chosen a secret arbitrary criteria that was at odds with the conventional differentiation criteria for such apps.

We can only do our due diligence if you at least do yours!

In general, we are VERY satisfied with the product. I wish Cubase itself was imbued with some of the touch love that went into iC Pro. We have it loaded on both our Note 3s.

However, your promotional materials FAILED to convey significant information on which to base critical equipment purchases, which we made purely because the app fulfilled so much that was missing in the Cubase experience, like workable performer-centred cue mixes, and were hoping to make a step up in the information available for use from the app.

I would call it the biggest fail if iC Pro did not work on the signature Android devices, like the Nexus 7 2013.

However, the problem has NOTHING to do with testing. It was an information delivery failure.

You can choose whatever criteria you want for functionality decision points, but if you depart from a fairly established convention, like whether the phone or the tablet OS version is used, you MUST tell your prospective customers.

You may think that as a fairly low cost app, coupled with an assumption that it will only be used with existing equipment, that it is of no real consequence. However, the equipment cost 20 times as much as the app licence, and while it works perfectly with the app, reasonable expectations are left unfulfilled, together with the knowledge that a different equipment purchase decision would have been made, IF we had known the FACTS. That harvests regret, that can squarely be laid at SB’s feet. Do you want to continue to wear that blame?

If not, change the product page IMMEDIATELY, and include an apology for the information oversight as well.

Of course, having acknowledged that size is important to the clarity of information, be more flexible with the balance points in the functionality selection. Android devices range from 4" to 12", so one point does not cut it for the size at which to get three times as much information. Some common sense required here.

It’s been over a week since I brought up the lack of relevant Android information on the iC PRo product page, and it still hasn’t been updated.

Don’t you care, SB?

Hi again,

yes we do care and you made your point clear. It has been passed over to the team for investigation and consideration on how to handle this issue. But for now I have no more information for you and can only again apologize for the inconvenience.


Thanks Ricardo.

You DID have more information, which you just shared!

I would not have posted again IF you had posted that information.

As with the thread about the SB 30th anniversary offers, sometimes it is more about the communication with, and acknowledgement of, your customers.

However, things cannot be left too long while one has a talkfest. It took me less than a week to decide to buy the tablet. So, in the time that SB has deliberated so far, some people could have bought a smaller tablet, thinking they are going to get what is in the picture!

The clock ticks, and it is not rocket science to deal with the immediate matter at hand. You know the program’s criteria, and we need to know it.

That is a separate issue from any to do with the design of the program itself, and what you may need to communicate about any later changes to it.

Displays > below 7" > will show the phone version while displays > above 7" > will show the tablet version.

Thank you for putting the info up, BUT …

You have left the exactly 7" size as undefined.

Presumably you mean:

Displays > 7" and below > will show the phone version while displays above 7" will show the tablet version.

Time to fix the info … AGAIN!

Nine days later and still no clarification on the product page of where a 7" tablet lies!


we appreciate your input and again sorry for the trouble. All your relevant posts have been recognized by the team and will be discussed and also possible future changes. But for now there is no need to continue anymore with the discussion here, so I will go ahead an close the topic.

Thanks again!