Android version - coming soon!

Lots of people swear by their MBA 11" being an excellent ultraportable solution. And you think that a Surface Pro 2 or equivalent Windows 8.1 tablet wouldn’t cut it? Why? It’s the same screen size, only that the Windows tablets come with a higher resolution (i.e. more display real estate), a touch screen and a digitizer, which make handling tiny details a lot easier. Not to mention that, for example, Sonar is already multi-touch friendly and I’m sure other DAW’s will soon follow.

Because you don’t have to operate your 11" MBA with a 2.5" by 0.5" sized mouse cursor (your finger). If you move your tiny tiny mouse cursor on a high resolution screen and use a lot of keyboard shortcuts then it might work. If you start to attach mouse and keyboard to a tablet then you don’t need a tablet.

I’m not saying that a regular Windows 8 is useless. I’m just saying that some people here overestimate the need for such a tablet by far.

More than 10 long months
not what “soon” means is, for sure
'nuff said, make it run!

What you’re saying makes absolutely no sense. Don’t use your finger to move the cursor on your MBA on a MUCH SMALLER pad than the screen? And BTW, all Windows tablets have USB ports (unlike iPads), so if you want to use a mouse, you can do that too.

[I’m not saying that a regular Windows 8 is useless.

I think that’s precisely what you’re hinting. If OSX tablets were available, you’d probably consider them the best thing since sliced bread.

I’m an absolute Apple hater so you’re plain wrong. :slight_smile: But don’t you think there is a reason why Apple has not released an OSX tablet yet?

If you start to attach mice and keyboards to a tablet then you don’t have a tablet anymore, you have a notebook.

The finger argument was a simple test how it will look like if you want to edit 1/8" sized icons and buttons with a 2.5" sized mouse cursor. And the finger will be your mouse cursor if you start an antique DAW on a modern tablet. Again: If you use mouse and keyboard anyway for editing then then why buy a tablet?

You can buy windows tablets since the 90s (even cheap ones) and run normal desktop applications on them (even DAWs). Absolutely no problem. You don’t have to wait for the surface. But nobody ever wanted these devices because desktop applications on touch screens just don’t work and never did. The new surface may have longer battery life and more horse power but the usability of the desktop side is no different to the first tablets from 1995.

I’m not talking about Metro/RT. If we see DAW for the tiled area of windows then it will of course look and feel like.Cubasis or GarageBand. But I’ll doubt that Steinberg or any other manufacturer will ever write such a software. The latency for RT apps is much worse than even the first Android phones and MIDI is officially marked as “depreciated technology, supported in version: never” in MS’s developer area and there is not a single hint that this might change in the future.

Because Apple doesn’t have a large R&D department like Microsoft, Google, Intel etc. and making something like Windows 8 would have been too lengthy, complicated and expensive for them. Apple is an image company that has sheep-like followers (including the tech media as a whole), so they tried the simplest, quickest and least expensive solution (adapting a phone OS to a tablet) and it worked. Look, Apple could make an iBookend that does absolutely nothing, but as long as it has a shiny apple logo etched into it, some people would still buy it for $200.

If you start to attach mice and keyboards to a tablet then you don’t have a tablet anymore, you have a notebook.

That was just an example. If people can get by with the tiny touchpad of the MBA, they would be MUCH more comfortable with a 10" screen.

The finger argument was a simple test how it will look like if you want to edit 1/8" sized icons and buttons with a 2.5" sized mouse cursor.

First of all, most Windows tablets come with digitizers, especially the new Bay Trail models. And secondly, if the tiny touchpad of the MBA is sufficient to handle a DAW, then why would you consider the MUCH larger area of a touch screen insufficient? It makes no sense whatsoever. Heck, the touchpad of EVERY laptop ever made is still much smaller than a 10"" screen. So, that’s why I hypothesized that behind what you say there is something irrational, like an irrational hatred for anything Microsoft (which is typical of Apple fanboys, you can’t blame me for making the easiest assumption.)

YAWN YAWN YAWN only another two months before it’s a year for this COMING SOON apps . Win 8 tablets are taking hold now

A certain duke comes to mind. :laughing:

looks like the 14th is the day then

I don’t think so.

The picture is of an i*.* device.

It’s possible that the “game-changer” --whatever that is-- is multi-platform. It should be, unless Steinberg developers are a bunch of Apple fanboys. The truth is, Apple is losing market share to Android and now to Windows 8.1 pretty fast, so developing something that is iOS-only would make absolutely no sense.

and not even a sign of this COMING SOON apps …bollox to being forced into buying Icrap . time to search for other alternatives ive waited long enough

Problem is, there aren’t any alternatives. We’re pretty much abandoned in the Android camp.

While not as comprehensive and custom-tailored to Cubase, TouchDAW is very good and I’ve never had any problems with it. Judging from what I read on this forum, it’s definitely a lot more stable and way less “temperamental” than IC Pro.

Great !!!

I use that now, but it doesn’t even come close to iC Pro - or the Artist Control I’m waiting for.

Maybe we can get a quick update from Steinberg?

This is a close as you’ll get from a 3rd party developer perspective without having access to the official Control Surface SDK from Steinberg. But this is not public and it seems to be almost impossible to gain access for external developers.

So we will have to wait for Steinberg to provide a control surface that can do more than the generic remote apps.

Yes, releasing the SKI to the general public would be the best move Steinberg could make when it comes to controllers.

I would like that so much… this would make Cubase even a development platform and kill the competition, because none of the other serious DAWs (Pro Tools, S1, Sonar, Ableton Live) have something like that.

Well, Ableton Live has a public SDK, Sonar too. Reaper seems to have the best community support here as even proprietary controllers are working with it (Steinberg cc121, Avid Control 24 etc.).

Is this true? Public SDKs?

Didn’t know that… I would think that a public SDK was such a big advantage everybody would talk about.

Ok, but still… we need an Android version of Cubase iC Pro.