Android version - coming soon!

Been following this for a while - thanks Steinberg, looking forward to it.

Re the Android / Apple debate - I don’t like the restrictive Apple business model and I don’t like the Apple price model; I have Android tab and 'phone and so far as the the hardware goes I consider them to be both better and better value than their “i” counterparts. BUT - there is a hell of a lot of software and media out there that I could be using on an ipad mini that I can’t on my Nexus. Now I suppose this may change over the next year or so, and Sonoma has announced low-latency drivers for Android which may (or not) make a difference in music production apps, but if I was a mobile app developer in the music or publishing space, today, I’d fight down the bile and code for ios first and Android second. What makes this worse is that the model becomes self-fulfilling - I recently looked at a guitar magazine sub - in the ios app you get audio and video embedded and active tabulature that you can play. In the Android version you get non-scaling pages that blur if you try to zoom to read the notes on the tab or staves and NO access to the audio or video at all. Oddly enough, this publisher apparently finds little take-up in the Android marketplace which proves that they were right to concentrate on the ios market! FFS! I’ve even considered buying a ipad mini just because it would run useful software and I could do useful stuff with it - and that’s clearly a ridiculous basis for choosing an operating system.

Also bear in mind that app developers make money because they can typically make a few cents on a LOT of sales - Steinberg’s target universe for ic Pro is by definition restricted, it costs money to produce and support and be sure that we will all moan like fury if it doesn’t work on our specific flavour of hardware. Oh - and I’ve managed to use Cubase since SX(1) without ic so it’s not like I can’t live without it - I just want another toy.

End of the day, thanks to Steinberg for getting round to this.

Well, consider that latency was an issue with Android until Ice Cream Sandwich. Jelly Bean, however, changed everything and now it’s no longer a problem. I guess that’s the reason why companies like Steinberg and IK Multimedia have started porting their iPad apps to Android. Yes, in a year or so Android will have as many music/audio apps as the iPad. So, this is definitely not the right moment to buy an iPad, unless you’re an Apple fanboy…

Looking forward to this too.

I already have the iOS version.

Can I crossgrade to the Android version? I really don’t want to buy another iPad just for this.

I’d rather get a 'droid tablet.

Q3, perhaps? No updates from SB on the topic? Also no info about supported AndroidOSs?
Heat synth just got USBMIDI support, so can I say you´re just been lazy not to take the money out of android users… :open_mouth:

Just want to say this is very good news - thank you for listening to android users :smiley:

Any ETA? My G4 awaits…

It look like no one at SB want to come forward with an ETA. The initiator of the post invoked an attemp for Q2 which will soon be over, but no one from the inside of SB ever reajusted the initial target. Even poking at SB support get you kicked back to this forum. It would be nice to have someone coming out with a “sorry, but it’s delayed until Q4” or “… Q2… but 2015”… or worst “sorry, project canceled” , but at least come out with something for all of us waiting… and no, I will not buy an eyePad… already have an eyePod touch (with iC pro on it) but there tablet just doesn’t fit my needs.

This has dragged on. I was actually in process of selling my Android tablet to replace with an Ipad just to run this software. I kept the Asus tablet but now wish I hadn’t bothered due to the length of time and lack of information.

Come on Steinberg, throw us something!

I´m now going to bump this everyday with nonsense till you give some information. Kind of ridicilous act on your side SB :retard:


I’m waiting too… come on Steinberg… give us some news about this project…

3 weeks until the end of Q2 and it sure would be nice to know something

We need info on this!!! At least supported OSs.

"Google’s Android platform is now the dominant operating system on tablets worldwide.

Android tablet vendors shipped an aggregate 27.8 million devices, giving Android 56.5% of the tablet market in terms of the operating system. Those same vendors shipped only 8 million tablets in the year-ago period. Android saw 247.5% growth year-over-year."

Android tablets now outnumber ipad tablets. I own the former, and I use Cubase. Still waiting at the back of the line, puzzled by Apple at the front.

Gingerbread, ICS, Jelly Bean???

That might be right. But it includes the less expensive android devices. But in order to run heavy music apps in android platform, you need an expensive device with more RAM more processor power unlike apple device.

But steinberg, please give some minor information at least regarding the status of this topic. I can understand its very challenging but maybe a lite version or beta version could be good as some of the users here were telling they can test them.

I feel pity as some people are waiting with lot of hope before they purchase their next device. Even I was one but now no.


I use both PC, Mac, ipad and android, Cubase, reaper, protools and whatever, could not care less. as long as it does the job it’s ok with me. And why not have some patience, and just wait for the android release guys…

come on steinberg!
give us at least something that indicates that this is actually in progress!? :unamused:
easy to have patience jb, when you have every platform available and don´t really need this release… :unamused:

Bump… :unamused: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: