Android version - coming soon!

Regarding the info you have given, have you even started coding or is this just nonsense?

I really need this app. I’m currently using TouchDAW, and while it works ok (in a limited way) I’d really appreciate it if this was released sooner rather than later. I think it would really help my productivity.

Another curious user here. Any update on release date?

Seriouly guys, everyone I know has switched to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple is so 2012. Where’s the Android app?

My trusty Tranzport is dying - would love to see the android version of iC Pro!

It hasn’t been abandoned, has it?


I kind of agree…I’m an iPhone 5 and iPad user but my son has the Galaxy S4 and that thing is really amazing. The iPad is a big thing for me but the phone I really just use as a phone. The S4 can almost replace the iPad except for its size in my view and…it’s a phone

The issue at hand is latency. Until Steinberg find a workable solution, we’re in for a long wait

I’m on Android so I haven’t tried this of course;

What latency are you referring to?

I’ve been using TouchDAW for a couple of years now, on an HTC Desire and now on a Galaxy S3 and have had zero issues with latency on either phones or Android versions.

What you are referring to is latency relating to virtual instruments which might be an issue on Android devices, but who in their right mind uses virtual instruments on a tablet/smartphone anyway? They are gimmicks at best.

Exactly, OSC and TouchDAW work ok, other than they are not well supported by the devs. But, what does work, does not suffer from latency, just crappy ported coding. Now, I know how the Apple folks felt after all those years of having crappy windows ports.

The only latency worth discussing gents and ladies. :smiley:
Audio latency. Time between making a change at the interface level and observing a sound at the output. Different Android products have additional interface layers as well… Samsung is not exactly Sony, nor is HTC = LG or Motorola

why do we care about audio latency? We just want Cubase iC to move some knobs and buttons around :smiley:

You are incorrect, this application is a control application. No audio involved. As a control surface audio latency doesn’t enter the picture. As has been stated numerous times, we are using apps that do this already WITH CUBASE ON ANDROID.

…my bad…WRONG forum!

For the record, latency issues in Android were fixed with late ICS updates (since 4.0.3 or 4.0.4.) If your tablet has an older OS, latency will probably be an issue. If the OS is 4.0.4 or newer, no problem.

And yes, as others have pointed out, it’s a moot point anyway, because audio is NOT involved here.

I’ll just be happy to have transport controls on my Nexus-7 to control Nuendo.


I think you should give some info on this, since it´s moved over half year ahead from the original promised release…
Say at least, will it be this year, I mean honestly?

Yeah - still no info? Has it been abandoned?

No sorry, they were not fixed, except in fanboi land perhaps, take a look at the Android audio list archives for verification, there is still not a constraint model available to Android developers

But that has no bearing on a control app like iC Pro