Android version - coming soon!

You are incorrect, this application is a control application. No audio involved. As a control surface audio latency doesn’t enter the picture. As has been stated numerous times, we are using apps that do this already WITH CUBASE ON ANDROID.

…my bad…WRONG forum!

For the record, latency issues in Android were fixed with late ICS updates (since 4.0.3 or 4.0.4.) If your tablet has an older OS, latency will probably be an issue. If the OS is 4.0.4 or newer, no problem.

And yes, as others have pointed out, it’s a moot point anyway, because audio is NOT involved here.

I’ll just be happy to have transport controls on my Nexus-7 to control Nuendo.


I think you should give some info on this, since it´s moved over half year ahead from the original promised release…
Say at least, will it be this year, I mean honestly?

Yeah - still no info? Has it been abandoned?

No sorry, they were not fixed, except in fanboi land perhaps, take a look at the Android audio list archives for verification, there is still not a constraint model available to Android developers

But that has no bearing on a control app like iC Pro

Come on, time fix your worse announcement, is it buried for now?
More responsebility… Delete this thread, if you´re not even willing to talk about it.

All I want are the transport controls. Is that so hard to do for Android? Please Steinberg, do release an Android app asap.

I don’t think that this would be enough for most people. Apple has raised the bar a lot with the latest remote app for Logic and they even give it away for free. The app is of course only available for iOS because it’s an Apple product.

But Cubase is dual platform and it’s fatal to ignore Android on the long run because it is Android, what people really use outside the minuscule but verbose Apple universe.

Currently Android is heading towards a market share of 80% on the smartphone market and 70% on the tablet market and the numbers grow fast day by day. And the OS not restricted to phones or tablets. Android works fine on many TVs, fridges, printers, watches etc. from many different vendors.

It would be great to use a cheap TV as a giant meterbridge for the mixer or just tap on the wrist to remote control Cubase. The ideas are endless and this is not something for a distant future, it could be real already now.

But for this we need a remote app first.

The main problem I see for the app is a possible veto from Steinberg’s hardware department. A cheap Android tablet with iC pro would be a lot less than their current hardware controllers and it would offer a lot more functionality (wireless, switchable views etc). And selling hardware is a good source of income while a software product may not be as secure.

"by crohde » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:08 pm
Hello guys,

We have not forgotten you!
But during the development we have faced some unforeseen problems so we had to postpone the launch to Q3. As soon as there is more information available I will post another update.
Best regards,

Carlos Mendoza Rohde - Product Marketing Manager Cubase & Apps
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
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Soooo… It´s another Q yet…

Dear customers,
As you know we’ve been providing iOS apps for some time now. And rightfully so, many of you have been asking us to offer Android apps as well. Since we released our remote control app, Cubase iC Pro, for iPhone and iPads in January of this year we’ve also been keen to release Cubase iC Pro for Android. Meanwhile, we’ve taken up the work on this project, but have come across several hurdles along the way. This means it might be taking longer than initially expected, then again, as it’ll be our first Android app and we really want to ensure that you get the quality Steinberg is best known for. Please watch this space for upcoming info and hope you bear with us a little longer.
Many thanks,

Here’s a sneak preview.


Excellent - looking forward to it being available.

Nice!! Please let some of us beta test it!



if you are interested in beta testing Cubase iC Pro on Android, please send me a private message.


What is the minimum screen resolution for my device to be able to use this?
I have a rather big phone (960x540) but I don’t know if that’s enough.
If yes, I’ll happily test it for you :sunglasses: