Android Version

Now that Cubasis has been made available for Android it can be assumed that the operating system no longer presents a problem for the developers, so when can we expect an updated iC Pro for Android?

Quote from LSlowak on the Cubasis forum: “We are very glad that the Cubasis team has managed to fulfil a long-term user request, to release Cubasis for Android smartphones and tablets.”

There has been an even longer user request for a fully functioning Android version of iC Pro, so can we now expect one in the near future?

Hear hear - get on with it Steinberg!



Definately , this app needs bringing back into the modern world with an Android version. I’ve used this app for a number of years on a aging iPad , brilliant as an alternative to keyboard shortcuts. What with Avid and Presonus offering free apps to control their DAW’s it’s left Steinberg trailing years behind them again.

Steinberg is rapidly becoming the only major daw that has no dedicated consumer level control system , instead it’s trying to piggy back on other manufacturers to offer a generic control system but it doesn’t work like that, there are two many features that are unique to Steinberg and it’s crying out for its own hardware\software control system.

Why don’t they just marry the icpro to a expandable faced bank? It’s all there what with Yamaha in the background. Surely they must be aware of users jumping to other software because of this control issue ?


Totally agree!!


the remote works fine on chrome browser in andoid/windows etc
just launch cubase, enable ski remote
in web browser open the addresss shown in the remote