Android with /e/OS and cubasis. How to buy it?

I have an Android smartphone running with /e/OS (de-googled android).
The only difference with a classic smartphone is that /e/OS won’t allow to install google store app (which is logic, since /e/OS is de-googled). The problem is that it’s not possible to buy cubasis on the dedicated /e/OS de-googled store (where you can, though, find every android app available including Cubasis). When clicking on “buy”, there’s a message indicating we have to buy it from the google store.
So I tryied to connect on google store website with an old google account I had, but the website seems to force users to use the google store app when connected on an android phone, but the OS cannot allow google store app to be installed, so I’m stuck. Looks like it’s not possible to buy directly from the google website without using the google app…

Can you give me a method to buy cubasis on the google website without using the app ? Or is there any way to pay directly at and get the install apk ?
I’m a long time Cubase / Nuendo / wavelab user, I am also a wavelab beta tester, and now, I absolutely need cubasis on my android /e/OS smartphone.
Notice that I don’t care if after installing manually it’s not easy to update easily in one click. If I can do it manually from times to times, that’s ok.
I just want to use cubasis like any android owner !

Thanks for help !


As far as I am aware, Steinberg only sells its Android apps through the Google Play Store. If so, it is unlikely to be possible to use Google Play Store apps on what you describe as a “de-Googled” device, as your device will not have Google Play Services. In particular, you cannot buy a Google Play Store app and download it to your device without the Google Play Store app and the official Google Play Services on your device.

/e/OS contains microG, which attempts to implement the missing Google Play Services APIs. I can certainly understand Steinberg refusing to sell Cubasis via any route other than the Google Play Store if they use any Google Play Services APIs; it would be a support nightmare to rely on unofficial reimplementations of those APIs. Moreover, there would be copy protection concerns in selling the app outside Google Play Store if microG implements the Google Play Services licence checking API in a “check always succeeds” manner.

You chose to buy a device that contains the open-source elements of Android but not the closed-source Google components. If you buy a device that lacks the Google components then you should expect to be limited to those apps that are officially available through non-Google app stores, such as the Amazon store (Amazon Fire tablets lack the Google components) and any store provided by the device manufacturer. It may be possible to use freely available APKs that rely on Google Play Services APIs, but you will always be at the mercy of how well microG implements the necessary APIs.

Google hegemony is absurd, and it is very disappointing to see that Steinberg rely totally with it.
It would have been better to let people being free to buy products directly from steinberg as it always been the case before, and as it is still the case for PC / mac softwares.
Aren’t we already install softwares for years on pc / mac with installation files and without the help of any tiers company ? Technically, google is not absolutely needed to install a software on a smartphone, as it is always possible to install apps with apks files.
This is really, really annoying at the highest point.
Knowing that almost all apps available on the /e/OS store are perfectly compatible.
Knowing also that my smarphone is technically perfectly compatible as Cubasis trial is working like a charm on my phone.
It is not possible to let customers down like this, knowing that more and more people wants to get rid of hegemonic google trust.
Steinberg should absolutely provide an alternative installing mode for non-google devices.

Won’t it be at least possible to buy Cubasis from another “classic” smartphone and transfer the software AND the licence to my own device? Is there any “trick” to circumvent the problem while remaining registered ? Even if it wouldn’t be possible to update the software, at least giving an alternative way to install it.