Annaul Request: Inserts for Send Returns

It always reads more confusing than it is.

I keep wishing there was a way to wire in a plug-in on the RETURN to a specific channel from a Group or FX track. (Eg. an EQ)

This is a little confusing because I don’t think your request makes sense!

Return to a channel from a group or FX track?

Group / FX tracks don’t return anything back to where it’s come from - only inserts do this. They simply receive signals to be processed from multiple sources, and then output to your chosen destination in exactly the same way as any other normal channel.

You can wire in a plugin anywhere you could possibly need to currently using a mix of pre and post fader inserts and group / fx tracks, so I can only presume you are either doing something very unusual and trying to simplify the routing, or else you’re missing the obvious!

Yeah I’m confused to?

On the return? what return?

Are you saying you want a Send/Return insert plugin?

Or are you saying you want inserts post-send per send? ie, you want each send per track, to have it’s own pop-up channel editor type window?

This request puzzled me as well. But I think that’s because it’s about something most of us never use: external hardware FX. Cubase can send to external hardware and return the signal, but relatively few Cubase users do anything outside the box. Suntower is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong.

Lots of people doing stuff outside the box myself included.

It’s already available, Just add insert on the effects track