Annotating scale degree over notes

What would be the way to annotate chord/scale degrees over notes ?
I started to use fingerings, since there are some simiarities (a notated element for each note. even within a chord) but I couldn’t enter everything like 9, 11, 13, b9, #9 etc …

That would be useful to analyse and/or teach analysing jazz chords and phrases of a transcribed improvisation

Couldn’t find anything searching the dorico forum and the documentation

Ideally there could be an option (or a plugin in Sibelius speak) to automatically display degrees for each note belonging to a selection given a chord or a scale name (I currently use lyrics to notate used scales).

Using Dorico Pro, my preferred way of solving something like this would be to create a new paragragh style (Engrave –> Paragraph Styles…) and to write the scale degrees as text objects. These objects will attach to the position of the notes anyway, just like fingerings and lyrics, but might require some vertical adjustment depending on what you’re going for.

You could use the Figurato font, designed for Figured Bass. Set it as one of the Lyric fonts, (e.g. Translation or Chorus), and then enter the numbers as lyrics.

I’ve used this one before:

Wow, his website has a lot of really nice specialized music fonts. Thanks for the resource!

Thank for all the replies, figured bass notation and one of the suggested fonts are very appropriate.
What a fantastic forum (The software too of course).

Dan, thanks for that link.

Spent 20 minutes hunting round the net for a scale degree font - getting absolutely nowhere. I should have come here first. The Dorico Forum is full of these useful little threads.

Just a thought but are scale degrees something that could be incorporated into Bravura? Or Academico?

I’m sure the team has confronted this already since so many people have repeatedly requested analysis markings. Scale degrees would necessarily be a part of that.

Good to hear - thanks for that.

I’m not sure implementation would be imminent, however. I think the figured bass and lines features have perhaps kicked the can down the road a bit since some things can be bodged now. Then again, perhaps since lines have been implemented, it will be easier to do the harmonic analysis lines since the code could be shared. Who knows.

Now that they’ve scratched the Baroque itch, hopefully Jazz folks will be able to type in numbers next!