Announcement 'VST Connect Performer for iPad'

Aloha guys,

Have not read all the details yet but for me
this news is really kool.

I can just imagine the possibilities.
Rain forest here I come.

Guess I’ll have to get an iPad now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Tanx Steiny. Cubase rocks!

I’ll never use it, unless they put out an Android version. :wink:

Still, i have no use for vst connect…

I don’t see the relevance of that chart at all…
What do platform security threats have to do with VST connect?

Lol… Ok, i will explain for you…

It has to do with brihars “android reference”

Please let me know if you need further explaining:)

I’m afraid it’ll need more explaining, how does the amount of malware for android affect it’s ability to run VST connect?

It doesn’t have anything to do with VST Connect directly, it’s just a statement regarding the general security of the Android OS in comparison with others. With an app like VST Connect requiring the Pad to be connected over the internet for long periods, the possibility of a hijack or other attack could make it a bit risky if it is running on an Android platform. - A valid concern.

BriHar nailed it!:slight_smile:

Hardly, everybody and their mother are using android tablets online all the time. The fact that malware exists doesnt mean its unsafe to be online, just means you have to be careful about what you download. Just like on any other platform.

Ok, we get it, you have an android…

There is no 100% security online. - this has nothing to do with downloading.
I would say we finish this discussion about malware as i only posted the chart because of brihars post. No need to drag it on ad infinitum…
You dont need to be defensive anymore because no one is attacking you…

I don’t really care which one.

I just want to take a pad (instead of my laptop) deep into the rain forest and record naked from there. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
[dirty old man]

The only thing your ipad will record while naked and deep in the rainforest is an offline recording of your cries while mosquitos have their way with you :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: ok, on a serious note, whats the diff between vst connect and something like skype?
Apart that vst connect enters the audio file directly in the sequencer and with video chat X you need to send them by draging onto the window…
I mean, i watched the super video from the sb marketing team of those guys in a studio without monitors, but i am not convinced… Convince me please… (Even though my daw will not go online, convince me of any benefits that will make me want to use it) also the video the guys suggest that halion sonic has some awful sounds and can only be used as a midi sketch pad for real instruments??

I am contracted once a year (usually in the spring) to make the trek in for about two weeks and record native ceremonies, chants, rituals etc.
For many years I have been using my laptop for that job (see sig) and before that a ‘Nagra’.

Once VST Connect was introduced this happened:

So now I am looking at using some sort of ‘pad’ for the task.

A pad which I don’t yet have. :slight_smile:

Very cool:) must be a great experience:)

I am sure that you can get great recordings using field recorders, or mic rigs with laptop/ pads… Traveling lightly is great:) I myself have a bunch of great recordings from from various global locations using field recorders…
Still don’t see how vst connect could help you in that matter though… Do they have wifi or a gsm network in the rain forest- and if so do the speeds suffice (on gsm for example?)

Edit: for me, vst connect would gain interest if you could sync 2 cubase projects together and have (for example sake) you and I working on the same project real time from across the globe… If someone uses a vst on a track and has made a sequence, you could click the “transfer” button and it would be bounced and sent to the track and position in the project… (Peer to peer without the need of an external server)

Editedit: the mixer levels could be synced up as well meaning that if i change the level of a fader, this would be directly transferred to your mixer in real time. ( shared mixer )

EditX3: one could also choose to work on the shared project offline and transfer changes/additions via home server or dropbox or whatever (something that doesnt need a steinberg server) and as soon as the other person opens the shared project he/she can “apply changes from person X” - these “updates” could also be downloaded from an internet pc as one file (zip with password or whatever) and transferred via a mem stick to an offline DAW… Likewise, “project updates” could also be saved in one package on a offline computer and be transferred to an online machine to be sent to the shared dropbox folder or whatever…

I’m not being defensive, I don’t own an android tablet. I honestly believe Android as a platform is just as suitable. You must be really paranoid if you think it isn’t, for regular use an android device is still safer (just counting amount of malware threats here, since that’s your definition of safety) than any windows OR mac machine so feel free to ditch your entire DAW altogether.

This has everything to do with downloading, how else will you be affected by malware? I agree we shouldn’t go on about it as we’re both too stubborn :p. Just wanted to clear this out for anyone else because to me it seems really wrong to talk people off a perfectly valid platform. Not worth fighting over as it’s all theoretical, VST connect isn’t available on Android as of yet.

AC power is provided for the camera and audio crew via massive on-site helicoptered in batteries.

So with the lap top I just used my phone to create a ‘cellular hot stop’ and wi-fied (tethered) the laptop over to it.

Mucho cell minutes yes, but the guv’ment’s paying for all this (with our tax $$). ouch!

I was talking about online use… Having worked in IT for networks firms, telcos, ISPs, Banks, Television Stations, Computer Firms and some others in the past,all names you know and i dont wish to disclose, i have gathered quite some knowledge in this field… But nevermind that…:wink: as one learns the most on his/her own…:wink: - even peoples minds can be hacked…:confused:
We are not too stubborn, we just have our own points of view, and that is a good thing- as our openness to hear each others voice is a building block to learn and move forward:)
I am not trying to influence anybody to sway their opinions about various plattforms… They all have in them the good, the bad and the ugly…:stuck_out_tongue: And lets be frank, most of them do not strive for perfection but just enough to carry them to the next “purchase/life cycle” (products etc) - why heal a person when you can offer costly solutions to fight the symptoms instead of curing the cause:p - but this is another subject altogether;)

You dont own an android? I thought that you and your mom were constantly hitting it off :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend:)


Finally the tax money is going to good use;)

-ah, i thought you were waay in the pampa… Meaning no cell coverage or wifi and only possible through a sat uplink;)

Good post, thanks for that :wink:.
I have a microsoft tablet running Windows8.1 RT. I have owned android phones for a couple of years now which I use for a lot of things. Contracted malware once when I downloaded an app outside of the app market, which I’ve never done since. My mother wouldn’t know how to use one to be completely honest :stuck_out_tongue: