annoyance with Apple's dock

when i have WaveLab open, but am in another program, and then click the WL icon in the dock (OSX Sierra) to switch back to WL, very briefly another WL icon shows up at the right side of my dock, thus pushing all my dock icons to the left, and then goes away.

it’s a minor, but annoying thing, because it often causes me to mis-click due to the shifting of the dock icons.

why does WL need to launch another application/dock icon when i switch back to the already-open program?

is this happening to anyone else, and can it be fixed/removed?

I’ve noticed this dock behavior too for a few various things related to WaveLab.

However, I normally move between apps by using the keyboard shortcut of COMMAND + TAB which I find to be faster than moving the mouse to the dock and finding the app.

Maybe it’s at least a temporary solution for you?

yes, i’m quite used to command-tab is well… rather muscle memory for me… but, if my left hand happens to be on a piece of hardware and my right hand is on the mouse, i’ll use the dock…

yeah, who knows… be nice if they clean that up… was hoping it was some preference or something known…


Yeah, I have no idea what it is. I’ve never seen any other app do this aside from when scanning plugins.