annoying automation value makes random numbers

When I try to change value of my automation points, the numbers changes in a random manner. Even if i just click on the point without moving it, it tell me different values after each click. It is almost impossible to use automation when wanting accurate values. Can someone help? I seems, that the problem follows the vst instrument. Can this be true?

I find that, depending on the zoom level, clicking on an automation point is very sensitive. So what I do to make adjustments, especially fine adjustments, is to physically type the value of each automation point into the field found in the info line. The info line is activated after pressing the (can’t remember the name) button at the upper left of the project window. The button looks like it has rectangles on it.

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wow that is great info thanks a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Most, if not all, of the fields in that info line can be used to manually enter values. Even changing a parts name (which changes the file name in the pool). I use it a lot so I set up my templates to always have it activated.

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This has been driving me crazy. Good info here. However, this kills workflow. Not sure why they just dont have an option to click on shift, control or whatever and be able to make fine adjustments that make sense. Just my 2 cents

I believe this shift/click to enter value idea has been an ongoing feature request. You should check that out and submit one if you can’t find it. I’d vote for it. :wink:

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Yes that would be a great feature…

Just want to add some more automation information here…

On a track basis you can highlight multiple consecutive (or all) automation points and adjust them up/down by the value typed in the info line. I usually highlight the points I want to change by holding the shift key and use the left/right arrow keys.

Changing automation values on multiple tracks is not as easy but it can be done. Every so often I have used the PLE (I think only available in CB Pro) to do this. The method is described well by vic_france in this link (third post down). The conversation about automation is interesting and a few other tips/thoughts are presented.

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