Annoying behaviour in render dialogue

This is yet another small issue, albeit a pretty annoying one. When rendering, the dialogue suggests a destination file name, in practice the same as the source. If you 1) change this (which you will want to, in 99% of the cases), and 2) click on the selection/whole file radio button, the file name reverts back to the source – and you have to retype the new one. I always forget to do it the other way around, nor should I have to. Can this be fixed? It’s not a Windows “feature”, is it?

Edit: Part of the problem is that the dialogue defaults to “selection” as long as a selection is made. Logically, this is of course understandable, but in real-world scenarios at least I very rarely render just a part of a file. Then again, YMMV.


I agree, this should be changed.

Thanks, it’s much appreciated :smiley: