annoying clicks when recording

Hey there,

Ive started to get these really annoying clicks when i record my guitar parts. never heappened before and now each track i record automatically comes with hitpoint marks and a wiered click. Could it be a cubase problem (Elements 8). or maybe a connection on my end???

Also when i open up EZDrummer and choose my midi drum file i cannot slide into a track. any help would be great :slight_smile:




you can switch the automatic Hitpoint detection Off in the Preferences > Editing > Audio > Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection.

But the Hitpoint Detection is done after the recording, nor while recording anyway.

I would recommend to try to increase the Buffer Size. This is very often THE parameter.

ok i will have a look at that


how does one increase buffer size??

I seem to remember having a problem getting ezdrummer files into a track a long while ago, which was I think caused by a preference in midi file import section. It may have been the ‘auto dissolve format 0’ tick box. I have it un-ticked and all works fine in EZdrummer for me right now. Might be worth a try if your is ticked.

Ok, i gave that a go as you stated but still doesnt work.

Has anyone else got any ideas?
For now im having to manually enter the EZdrummer folder for a certain drum setup (i.e. Drumkits from hell) and search for the loop i want to insert and drag and drop from there into my midi track.

In the Control Panel of your audio device. You can call it from Devices > Device Setup > your audio device name (under the VST Audio System). Click to the Control Panel button here.

And it might be dirty electricity, especially electric guitars are good at picking up noise. Had to cancel a recording once due to clicks, and after a lot of rewire using different outlets and using power conditioners we gave up.
We went outside for a cold beer, and I looked at the band and said “I must be going crazy, I still hear the clicking”.
So did they, there was a power transformer down the street that had a spark flying nearly every second
Sometimes it’s not the computer.

Increase buffer size ?

I’ve always found reducing the buffer size to around 250 gets rid of any unwanted clicks and pops.

Either way just mess with the buffer sizes until the pops go.

When recording I’d keep buffer low. When mixing keep it high.

yeh thanks both but ive sorted my clicking problem b changing my audio device. thanks

and great story Peakae! :smiley: