Annoying Editors

Having some trouble with displaying the editors. When an event, say a MIDI event is double clicked, the default is that it opens up below the project window. I guess that is great if you work on a lap top, but with 3 screens I would like the default to be that the editors open on the same screen as it was the last time the editor was open (no matter if Cubase has been closed in the meantime). I know I can expand the editor to a separate screen and then close the default display, but that is two clicks more than I want it. CB 8 behaves like I want it, as default (as did 4, 5, 6 and 7), but scanning through Preferences of CB 9 and things like Workspaces gave me no hint (if there are any), so I am trying my luck here. How can I do a set up so editors open on a selected screen just by double clicking ONCE? There must be a solution right?


Not at workstation now. In Preferences under Editors (?), there’s a box to uncheck so that the Editors open full screen rather than 3rd. How that will function on your system, I’m not sure. (Using Cubase Pro 9.0.4; 9.5 has some slight differences, but I don’t think this is one).

And right you are. Thx!!!

You’re welcome! Glad it got worked out. :slight_smile: