Annoying 'feature': expand folder track

If I click on a collapsed folder track to expand the folder, the focus will not stay on the folder track area of arrange window. What is the reasoning here? Why would anyone expand a folder track to not see what’s in there?

And some minor bug:

If a automation track is selected and you choose collapse all automation tracks, the very first track in the project window gets selected, instead of the track the previously selected automation track belongs to.

If a subtrack in a folder is selected and you choose collapse folder track, the very first track in the project window gets selected, instead of the folder track the previously selected subtrack belongs to.

This way, you can’t navigate up the hierarchy of tracks by collapsing subtracks…


Seems to depend on whether you have another (completely different) track selected before attempting this - the page will scroll to that track (though curiously, its at the bottom of the page; I would have expected the top or more conveniently, the middle… but no, it puts it at the bottom… I’m zoomed to 8 rows btw).

If you have the folder track itself highlighted/selected first, then you can happily collapse and expand it without unexpected scrolling out of view.

[EDIT] And it just got VERY, VERY ANNOYING in use…!! Please SB, back to how it worked before - I’ve just loaded a large C5 project with lots of folder tracks, and this workflow is really not good… Do I always have to select the folder track first, before opening/closing…?! It was just so slick and cool before…


No-one else…? Try it - its very annoying…!

Have a track selected/highlighted, that’s nowhere near (or in) a folder that contains a few tracks. Don’t select the folder track first but just click to expand/collapse that folder. Result? The program scrolls off to wherever the selected/highlighted track is located. This is broken behaviour from C5.

Yes, I can confirm too. it’s not a tragedy, but it takes one click more. so why?..

P.S. But one new feature pleased me - when you add one more track to the folder, so it goes to the bottom of the heap, but not to the top, as it was before.

Thanks Winter Rat; and yes, exactly… why…? :wink:

Yes noticed this too and is very welcome. :slight_smile:

one more bump for attention… :wink:

I’m surprised this (obviously) isn’t bothering folk too much; ok, so I’ll relearn the workflow and live with it - remembering to select the folder track first… shame.

More clicks = workslow

Any help?..
Preferences>Project and Mixer>“Scroll to selected”?

(in fact, I believe that that preference is now actually working correctly in Cubase 6, for the first time ever!)

yeah that gets rid of the annoying behaviour when expanding folders - but also stops all “useful” scrolling too

Could you give an example of that, please?

Thanks vic…! That does help… funny, I’d looked for various preferences to set that might affect this and must have missed this one…

Course, as you mention it, I guess the complaint here has manifest itself now since previous ‘broken’ behaviour was masking it… I’ve now chosen the ‘Track’ option in the drop-down so that the mixer (channel) has priority. I’m happy with that.

(if it was my topic, I’d say ‘Solved’ - but, maybe FunkyDrummer has more concerns…?) :slight_smile:

Well this option seems to break the linkage between mixer and arrange windows.
It is useful for me to select a track in the arrange window, and the mixer automatically scrolls to that channel.
Or select a mixer channel, the arrange window scrolls to the selected track.

Yes I do. This thread is not nearly funky enough! Oww!

Yes, it is a bit of a “Catch 22” situation, isn’t it :wink: (it was only working for you the way you wanted it to, because it was, in fact, partly “broken”!)
At least, now, with that Preference set to “Channel”, when you select a track in the Project window, you maintain the behavior that you prefer for the expanded folder tracks, and it still scrolls correctly in the Mixer. The only thing you lose is when selecting a channel in the Mixer.

It shouldn’t be an “either or” situtation. SB have confused 2 elements of design.

The "scroll to selected… " option in preferences, is supposed to link the two windows when you yourself actively click on one of the tracks to select it - the other windows scrolls automatically.

With the folder problem, the problem is not the linking itself.
The problem is that once the folder is expanded, cubase scrolls to the currently selected track.

"linking tracks between windows when you click on them " and “always scroll view to the selected track” are in fact TWO DIFFERENT FUNCTIONALITIES and should be treated as such in prefs.

It makes no sense to work the way it does? Why would anyone WANT to open a folder, then be instantly teleported miles away to another track? It serves no useful purpose whatsoever - it should be fixed.

No workarounds - Just fix it so that it works in a sensible manner.

Yes, reading your last post, I am inclined to agree :slight_smile:

And again, yes from me - very nicely put FD; can only agree…

so, +1

This appears to be fixed in 6.0.2 :slight_smile: