Annoying gremlins in cubase 9

I have a most annoying problem in cubase 9. The volume, pan and tuning of the VST instruments seem to have a life of their own and can fluctuate wildly while working on a project. For example the volume of Groove Agent can shoot up or down for no apparent reason, a synth in Retrologue can go completely out of tune, or the volume and pan of a Kontakt instrument can fluctuate wildly. It doesn’t always happen and days can pass when everything is fine but I know it’s only a matter of time when the gremlin will strike again, making playing and recording pretty exasperating as one can imagine.

I think it may have something to do with the controller lanes because after messing about with Kontakt player I discovered that when I disabled the " Accept standard controllers for volume and pan" in the Instrument Options box the problems stopped for that Kontakt instrument. However that option doesn’t seem to be available in all VST instruments.

I can’t give a step by step account of what happens because it doesn’t always happen but a typical situation would be when I open a project and after a moment I suddenly notice the volume or tuning of an instrument is wrong or is fluctuating. Sometimes restarting cubase works but sometimes not.

Not sure whether this is a bug or whether I can solve it myself. As far as I remember it didn’t happen at first. Is it possible to roll back updates or should I even think about reinstalling cubase? Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have Cubase 9 pro 9.0.30.
Windows 10. Intel Core i5-6200U. CPU 230 GHZ 24O GHZ. 8.00 GB RAM. 64 bit OS.
Kontakt 5 player is affected as well as Cubase VSTs Groove Agent, Retrologue, Padshop etc.

What you say about Kontakt I remember from years back and running Reaper.
It turned out Reaper sent volume, pan and reverb on every midi channel as I started transport - every time - so pan I adjusted in Kontakt disappeared obviously.

I think there is something in Cubase too, regarding if volume is to act as midi volume or audio volume etc. On every track you can select as I recall.
Not at daw right now, so don’t remember. Look in Inspector for similar stuff.

Thanks for the reply Larioso! I’m looking at the inspector now and so far haven’t been able to find those options to select which you mention. If you happen to be at daw anytime maybe you could let me know?

All the best


Seems the problem was not Cubase at all but the Novation Impulse controller I had which had been giving problems from the start pretty much. I got a Nektar Panorama (great so far!) and all the aforementioned problems have gone away. Touch wood it’ll stay that way.