Annoying Hub Issue— Don’t Work Too Fast, Or…

This has been going on since at least N11; maybe earlier. But I’m procrastinating this morning, which lets me finally post about the issue:

When opening N12 and the Hub opens, if I double-click on my desired project too quickly, rather than the project opening I get a finder search window. When I cancel that window and try again (either by re-opening the Hub or selecting from the recent files menu option), it opens as expected.

If I wait a couple of seconds after the Hub opens, or a second or two after I’ve initially clicked on the project in the Hub, project opens as expected.

Maybe the answer is “don’t open Nuendo after having more than one coffee,” but I refuse to believe it’s all my (or coffee’s) fault.

Anybody else experiencing this?


Is the project on an internal hard disk, an external one or on the network?

I see what you’re getting at! :wink:

Internal disks (SSD), as a rule. When I’m working on external, happens there, too. I don’t work with network disks.

Thanks for asking.


It was worth a try. :sunglasses:

Do you have the problem with every project or only with certain ones?

Every project. On every computer!


I experienced it myself yesterday! :astonished:
However, I did not have time to explore the cause in more detail. When I have a little more time later, I’ll take a closer look.

The Universe is telling you to slow down a bit.



That always seems like good advice to me. :laughing:
I have now tested it again, but it no longer occurs. So I can not reproduce the problem.
Sorry, I would have liked to help.

Are you on Mac or Windows?


The universe tells me a lot of things. Maybe I should start listening…

Hope things are dynamite in your vicinity!


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Windows 10 (22H2).

And I’m on a 5,1 Mac running Catalina. Maybe that has something to do with the difference in consistency.

In any case, my assessment is that if it happened to you even once, and it happens to me every time I get revved up and respond too quickly, we have a cross-platform issue of SOME kind.

Way down on the priority chain, for sure, but IMO SB should be aware of it, if they’re not already.


Can you please take a screenshot once when this happens?

I will. Was going to do it right now. But in a “weird AF” kind of scenario, for the first time in weeks I haven’t been able to make it happen.

Did Steinberg hear me via Alexa or something? Just kidding, but this is about as strange as strange gets in Nuendo-land. Kind of like taking your car in because of that annoying sound, and then it behaves perfectly once you get to the shop. This issue has been occurring absolutely consistently for the last couple of years over here.

Here’s to squeaky wheels, I guess. But when it happens again, screenshot coming.


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Karma. I also have healing hands. :open_hands:
My energy goes directly through the internet into your Nuendo. :rofl:

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Geez. You could be a remuneratively rewarding, highly exploitable resource.

And the issue continues, for the first time since I can recall, not to repeat itself.

Stay tuned.


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